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Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by deliriums child, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. I saw someone was asking what films you love but I was wondering what everyone's waiting with baited breath to see?

    I am looking forward to the new Riddick movie (Don't judge me, I love sci-fi and Vin Diesel ok), and THOR (so what I love crazy comic book Norse myths... also Chris Hemsworth. >.>). And, of course the Hobbit Part 2. I like big flashy movies at the theater, idk. How about everyone else?
  2. I was looking forward to the new Edgar Wright film The World's End. The final in the cornetto trilogy. But nooooo. They won't distribute the film on the Netherlands because ... I don't really know why. So I am looking forward to having to emigrate to Canada to see this film.

    ... Or just get the dvd.

    ... or, you know, something else.
  3. Eve

    Eve Resident

    I've been a long time fan of the Riddick story so I too am looking forward to the new Riddick film. The next Marvel anything - Thor, Avengers, Wolverine, X-men - are all on my watch list, I am a huge comic book geek. Insidious Chapter 2 looks good, I love horror movies. Prisoners looks good too, although I have a soft spot for Hugh Jackman. Um... that's all I can think of right now.
  4. Next batch of marvel movies, especially the new xmen and captain america movies. Im actually pretty excited for Riddick as well, ive always like them and the character of Riddick in general. Also looking forward to How to Catch a Monster.
  5. Invisie

    Invisie internet forever Curator

    I... have to be real and say I haven't seen a movie in theaters since Beowulf came out. 8C That was like. 2007 or 2008. I don't know. I am really not know for sitting in a theater -- always someone making noise, opening their phone, laughing too long or whispering with a friend through the whole thing. Much rather wait for the DVD and watch in my own living room. /HERMIT

    I was just sitting here thinking about what movie could possibly drag me out and to a theater, and... yeah, I got nothin'. I always said it was the Pirates of the Caribbean series I'd go see in theater no matter what, but... yeah, after I think the second movie came out, that didn't happen.

    That said, I really want to see the new Riddick movie as well. I liked the first two a lot! And the new Wolverine movie. I liked all of the X-men movies.
  6. Lady B

    Lady B Guest

    Can't get overly thrilled about films any more. But at the moment, "Into The Woods" has me at the point I'm overly nervous! Why? Well, a number of reasons... one of them being Johnny Depp (yes, SINGING! not good) as The Wolf. Yikes.

    LMAO!!! I've heard that often, too, Invisie. A lot of people started hating PotC since Dead Man's Chest. I'm not sure how well I will fancy the 5th film. Neither Ted nor Terry will be writing it. Yikes!
    I'm rather.. iffy... when it comes to any of the new Star Trek films. And Transformers... since.. well.. written by the same Writers. Yikes! It's as bad as the Phantom of the Opera '04 film! ::: wince :::

    ~Lady B
  7. Obstaff

    Obstaff Newcomer

    Oh gosh, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I can't wait for that! I'm dying for it. And the Veronica Mars movie!
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  8. Dreamer2012

    Dreamer2012 Newcomer

    Hunger games, definitely. Oh, and the Hobbit 2. I don't care If they're different from the books they are still good.
  9. Meushell

    Meushell Resident Game Owner

    I'm looking forward to this as well...even though I haven't read the books. :-)
  10. Yeah I can't wait for the Hobbit 2, that is going to be an amazing movie. The first one didn't deviate too far from the actual book so I mean, it's gotta be good. I think it was a great idea that they split it into three pieces, that just gives them more time to tell the whole story!
  11. RiseOfTheG

    RiseOfTheG Newcomer Game Owner

    I just watched Hunger Games so I definitely want to see the next one. I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for Days of Future Past while I pray and pray and pray for X-Men 4...<_< What?...don't judge me!
  12. I'm agreeing with the Catching Fire people.
  13. xmxsummer

    xmxsummer Newcomer Game Owner

    I want to see Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 so bad this weekend xD, I also want to see the new Riddick movie- though it's already out I just haven't been able to go watch it D:
  14. Spiffy

    Spiffy Newcomer

    I've been falling apart over here in excitement for How To Train Your Dragon's sequel!
  15. Applegeisha

    Applegeisha Newcomer

    Definitely the hunger games, as well as captain america's one, and anything to deal within that range such as Thor, avengers, and so on.
  16. Jcc0450

    Jcc0450 Newcomer

    There are alot of movies to watch :)
  17. I'll watch almost anything Marvel/DC, though not necessarily in theaters(Not all of them have been great), and I'm nervously anticipating the new Star Wars film. I've been a SW fan as long as I can remember, so I've got my fingers crossed hoping the next ones don't be terrible.

    Other than that, Hobbit Part 3, and Chappie(Neil Blokamp's next movie) are on my list. Probably some others I'm forgetting right now too.
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  18. Helixagon

    Helixagon Resident Game Owner

    Guardians of the Galaxy. Come on, Guardians of the Galaxy.
  19. camilli

    camilli Newcomer

    Anything Marvel/DC and I'm your girl! Also have to say Hunger Games sequels because I would to TERRIBLE THINGS to Jennifer Lawrence. That girl is fine. Hashtag girl crush!
  20. Mayu

    Mayu Newcomer

    I don't really watch many movies to be honest, but I am waiting for Part 2 of Persona 3 The Movie to come out. I am also waiting for the Madoka Magika movie to come out on Blu-ray next month if that counts.
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