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  1. What are some of your favorite quotes by your characters or other people's characters? Sometimes RP comes up with absolute golden lines.

    This one by my character Kaiden is one of my favorites:

    Propping up on their elbows at the edge of the water, the mer tilted their head, "And if the threat is edible, we eat it." Monsters were creatures, so that meant meat. Which was obviously food. "You shouldn't waste food."
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    I've got an older silver fox looking character named Justin with a younger looking wife, and people often ask if she's his *insert family relation here* to which he loves being cheeky and replying things along the lines of....

    “Oh naw, m'not her uncle, but she does sometimes call me Daddy.”

    And I have another even older one Mars who believes firmly that violence is absolutely sometimes the only answer.

    “Your aversion to Physical touch is all the more reason to know how to put someone flat on their back if they violate your boundary. - Besides, combat is about learning how NOT to be touched by others in the very most basic sense.
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    "I haven't been able to trade a pun for anything here yet... But maybe they just don't value my sense of humor." - Evelyn Augusta Bell, trying to explain a city that doesn't use money much to a newcomer and getting distracted by puns
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    "Not today satan, not today," stays an amazing quote