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Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by Shriker, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. If the fandom that you want isn't in our directory, you may suggest that it be added by replying to this thread.

    Please note that all cross-over games, or games that have multiple fandoms, should be listed in the directory as Panfandom. Thanks!
  2. I kind of think "Anime" should be a category in place of specific anime series since they're a relatively small group even with all series lumped together?
  3. Selfish question: but there isnt a direct overview of all original roleplays?
  4. I thought about that, but there'a already an Anime/Cartoon category. So it's already under an umbrella, and I don't think there's any real harm in people specifying exactly where their game derives from.

    Nope, this currently does not exist. That said, there also isn't a direct overview of all fandoms either - only individual fandoms. It's on my list of things "to do," but my priorities are focused on making the existing system a little more robust vs. adding more ways to sort at the moment.
  5. Would it be possible to add a category for other? So that for sites that maybe don't fit so nicely into the listed types have somewhere else? (Might be useful for panfandom games that don't quite fit neatly into one category. )
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  7. @Mayu Sure! I'll add it first thing tomorrow. :)

    Edit: Added!
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  8. Can "The Secret World" be added into the listing?
  9. There was no Legend of Mana under the fandom suggestion so I just called it original since my game is just based in the setting. But if you do add in Legend of Mana, I'll pop it in there.
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  10. Could you possibly add The Legend of Zelda?
  11. Or even Nintendo D: I'm just not finding a fandom category that fits.
  12. Added all up to here. :)
  13. My board is Sonic the Hedgehog fandom, is it possible to add it? Or maybe a generic 'Game' 'Cartoon' or 'Comic' section?
  14. Thank you! I don't have enough posts to add my board yet, but soon!
  15. Could you add Kushiel's Legacy as a fandom, please?
  16. We have a Warhammer 40k forum. Can we add that?
  17. Thanks!
    (Now if I could just get the system to recognize the linkback I put on our site- it would be awesome lol)

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