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Character Wanted Ether Spirits!

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by Verridith, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Verridith

    Verridith QUEEN of GOLD !! Game Owner

    We're currently looking for Ether Spirits on By Tooth And Claw Dragons!

    An Ether Spirit is a specific and powerful being who has a soul that is attuned to a specific Realm - one of our dimensional worlds. Ethers are the guardians of the balance in each Realm; every Realm has one, and without it, the balance of that Realm begins to disintegrate, with the Realm falling back to be devoured by the Void should the chaos grow great enough. More info on Ethers (and the current ones) can be found here!

    Right now, we have three Ether positions open!

    Here is a little information on each Realm and what specifics Ethers need to meet to apply for it! <3

    The world of Ghosts is an intriguing Realm of just that - ghosts and the spirits of the deceased who have not accepted their deaths, or have chosen not to move on at such a time. This Ether can be alive or a ghost (or, since taking Ethership, former ghost), and of any species and any alignment. This Ether may have the most god-interaction of all of them, and can travel the Spirit Realms freely, in service of the goddess Linath!

    The world of Millirand is the original home of the dragons, long since left by the majority of dragonkind for a different Realm in our long history. This Ether can be of any species and any alignment, so by all means, go wild!! <3

    The world of Ristell is the Realm of extremes; its vast desert in the Aboveground is known by many, and its expansive Underground is an entity all its own. The Ether of this Realm should be one of its native species, such as sphinx or sol'tera, but can be of any alignment!

    Thank you guys for your interest!! <3
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2017