Do you have pets?

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by Daenelia, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. lion

    lion Newcomer

    I have a bay roan Quarter Horse named Rico, a half Himalayan cat named Taylor, a quarter Himalayan cat named Taggerung (or Tag for short), and a little grey calico cat named Lucy (though I call her Didgers, which is short for Didgeridoo... Don't ask why).
  2. Shyuuhei

    Shyuuhei Newcomer

    I have a random terrier/corgi mix whom I love dearly; he's my furbaby. <3 Also have a young cat of unknown breed who's quickly instilled herself as queen of the house. xD
  3. Three cats >w< Iris, Starscream and Kakarot.
  4. Shelter2015

    Shelter2015 Newcomer Game Owner

    I had a pet - a dog called Sam. It'll be two weeks since he was put down on wednesday
  5. Janet

    Janet Newcomer

    I've a bearded dragon and a tank full of fish :)
  6. remylacroix

    remylacroix Newcomer Game Owner

    2 cats for me!
  7. ButSheisFierce

    ButSheisFierce Newcomer Game Owner

    I have three dogs. A Sheltie named Kili Hufflepuff Baggins, A Pomeranian Shih tzu mix named Strudel, and then the daughter of pom mix so she's got both of those mixed with we think some chihuahua and some sort of terrier because she's super tenacious.
  8. Rowena Ravenclaw

    Rowena Ravenclaw Resident Game Owner

    I actually only have one at the moment, a snake by the name of Acheron. However, in the past I've owned cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, birds, wildlife (such as owls, echnidas, kangaroos, etc), rats, mice, you name it I've probably had it.

    I should probably add that I'm Australian born, hence the kangaroos.
  9. JAnderson

    JAnderson Newcomer Game Owner

    I have a dog, 16 year old Aussie
  10. Shiarrael

    Shiarrael Newcomer

    Sadly, no. We dearly want a cat and a dog, but our landlord despises cats and dogs have to be fifteen pounds or less. We'd also have to pay a $500 nonrefundable deposit, which just isn't an option.
  11. I have a purebred American pitbull that we named Luna (after Lovegood from Harry Potter)
  12. Freid001

    Freid001 Newcomer

    I have a hamster called ginger :D
  13. AngelMT

    AngelMT Newcomer

    A dog named Roxy. Taught her how to sit. We're currently working on "in" and "out".
  14. miami1984

    miami1984 Newcomer

    Currently I have one dog and three rats.

    The dog is the family pet but the ratties are my babies. Their names are Arya, Nymeria, and Penelope, and they are all dumbo rats. Arya and Nymeria are blue, and Penelope is a blue berkshire.
  15. Hyrule Castle

    Hyrule Castle Newcomer

    I own two rats
  16. Star

    Star Newcomer


    I adopted a puppy back on Valentine's Day. She was 4 weeks old when I got her. She is now nearing 6 months and has grown so much. Her name is Arya. Her full name is Commander Arya Shepherd. :p
  17. Nox

    Nox Newcomer

    3 cats, 2 dogs... it's a bit of a houseful currently. Ideally I'd love to get some land and open a rescue.
  18. Annelise

    Annelise Newcomer

    At my mums: four cats, and a Rottweiler/Staffie (I'm not entirely sure on specifics) cross breed
    At my dads: A cockapoo puppy named Monty :D
  19. HSJack

    HSJack Newcomer

    I have one puppy 12 weeks old at the moment, names Max! He is a black and brown Jack Russel and absolutely loves chewing, digging and play ball! He has to one more injection before we can go walkies. I also have a green fonted amazon parrot called Barney! He sings a lot and very talkactive.
  20. Anactoria

    Anactoria Newcomer Game Owner

    My family has a tricolor rough collie named Gordon and a monstrous black cat named Rook. Gordon is very shy and sweet, and Rook might be the devil.

    I love them both.