Do you have pets?

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  1. Rhythm

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    I used to have a rabbit, until it got too far to move and then died. I had a cat at one point, but she got pregnant twice and had a total of 4 kittens. Eventually my cat allergies got so severe that we had to give her away, but she's safe and happy with her new family.

    I currently own a puppy, an 8 month old German Shepherd named Blake, the love of my life. :)
  2. Yay for pets! I have three beautiful cats. My two little girls are black and white... mostly black. One is named after my birth month (December) as she was a birthday gift. My other little black and white kitty is named Meowmers. She was my sister's cat. Her toddler put fear into the animal and when i got her she was an antisocial and angry little kitty. It has taken almost a year, but she's really changed. I feel as if love and attention have rehabilitated her. No hissing, no biting, no clawing. She's turned into a very loving cat.

    Lastly is my little boy. His name is Cedric.Cedric is a furry scarf made of love and affection. When I'm at my computer he is most likely wrapped around the back of my neck and purring in my ear. His biggest rival happens to be my headphones. They are frequently knocked off my head by a certain affectionate cat's jaw. I couldn't be happier with him. He tucks me in at night by coming to bed and licking my nose before running off to do his thing. In the morning all three kitties can be found cuddled up against me. I die of cuteness and never get up on time. <3
  3. Gypsy

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    2 terrible monster cats but i love them.
  4. Stockmon

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    My family used to have several pets. A bird, a dog, hamsters, fish, rabbits, and definitely cats. Currently my husband and I have four cats. Killishandra, Thisbe, Miss Kitty, and Aveline. All four of them are girls. Two came from me, one from my husband(Miss Kitty), and the youngest we found in my mother’s yard right before we got married. They are currently all lounging around the room with me.

    One of my cats was the kitten of a cat that moved into my friend’s yard. Next was a stray my friend found, giving my family that cat and her brother. The brother belongs to my sister though. Miss Kitty was a stray my husband found. Aveline a stray from my Mom’s yard. I would love to go out and bring home cats, but cats seem to keep falling into my lap, so it works out.
  5. Eclipse

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    My family got our dog from the shelter, too! A Beagle-Jack Russel terrier mix with a bark like a chihuahua. (Yes, I'm serious.) Sadly, I'm allergic to cats, and even certain dogs--must be their fur... :/
  6. Grimace

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    I've got six cats and four dogs. x3 I'm far too lazy for pictures.

    I do hope to get chickens soon, do those count? :D
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  7. Shriker

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    @Grimace Chickens count! :)

    The latest of Zero Cool and Moogle. Videos because they're cute!

    Being a foot stool.

    Being too clever to be coaxed toward the new water fountain.
  8. EOS

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    Aww, I love cat videos.
  9. schrutie

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    I have a derpy little dog named Luna and a black cat named Neo ;s <3 em both
  10. Rehjul

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    I have a two year old Anatolian Pyrenees, a cat, a tegu, two rats and several fish/additional aquatic creatures.

    THE LOST GIRL Newcomer

    I have two dogs <3 that are 3 and 5 and still my puppies :D Anna (The 5 YO) is a tri-colored collie, and Holly (The 3YO) is a colliexGSD who is blind in one eye after her previous owner hit her in the face with a metal clasp off of a leash. She's my baby-rescue <3
  12. Applegeisha

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    There is no way I could live without a pet. Right now I got two cats, Posideon and Thor, and they are both siamese. I have always had a cat since I can remember.
  13. theAfanc

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    I have two fish, a frog (named Throg) I am cat sitting a 13 year old Mao Mao, fostering a 6 year old husky mix named Falcon and I have two rats, Liao Zheng and Bandit.
  14. Divia

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    I have a white and black cat who answers to no name except "Kitty", and a black lab named Vader. The cat is 7 and the dog is 2 - he's just growing out of his puppy stage.
  15. cookiecutter

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    I have one 2 cats, one chinchilla, one kingsnake, two hermit crabs... and some fish lol it's a jungle oh! And a gecko!
  16. CarpeCorde

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    I have a horse. A Paint Horse if anyone is familiar with horse breeds.

    I also have a cat and a dog. My cat is some sort of mixed feline. Tortoise shell in colour. And my dog is a fox terrier.
  17. Elysian

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    I have a monster kitten! But I love her...haha

    So cute!!! <3

    I have a dog Sammie she is a mess, really, but I love her. She's a husky/shiba mix. We call me Sammie Doge. I know REALLY lame! And we have a 6 month old kitten who can be a terror, but we love her!
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  18. Shaman110

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    I got two cats, a snake and a dog, My family away from home.:)
  19. knox

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    I have two kittens, two dogs, a fish, a snake, a tortoise, a ferret, two ponies and a rabbit.
    Apart from the kittens don't really look like kittens anymore, they grow so fast ! ): What happened?
  20. korinxyla

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    Two dogs, but we're planning to adopt at least one (maybe two) more. Miniature Schauzer and a puggle. :)