Do you have pets?

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by Daenelia, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. I have two cats and two dogs. :)
    Cats - Domino and Leo
    Dogs - Nina and Athena
  2. Well, they're really my fur-babies, but yes, I have two cats. Madison Taylor is 12 1/2 years old and Kimmie is almost 11 months old.
  3. Yes, a rescued Husky/Aussie Shepherd mix.
  4. both dogs are high maintenance. Bless you for taking that on!
  5. I love seeing the names people give pets, too. Very creative!
  6. I adopted the queen of the house in April. She's a real cuddle kitty, prefers to lay on me (her favorite spot to sleep is my neck when I'm sitting behind my desk) but gets iffy about her litter box...
    Oh well.
  7. Two cats, one short hair, one long hair, all together too much hair everywhere.
  8. I currently have two dogs and two cats. My dogs are a red Australian heiler and a pitbull/pointer mix. One of my cats is just solid gray and the other is a black/brown calico.
  9. I have one border collie, one american bulldog, one german shepherd, and one pitbull. I also have a fish named Benny.
  10. I have three dogs (BMD, pitbullxlab, blueheelerxaussie shepherd) and 1 horse!
  11. I got too many pets but I only claim 2 pets. A dog named Rikku and a cat named Midnight. I take care of my brother's daughter's cat, Shadow as well as my lover's cat, Storm who had 5 kittens. 2 kittens passed away but there are still 3 left. a girl and two boys. XD
  12. Ever since I was little I have always had dogs in the household. I currently have 2, a black lab and German Shepard.
  13. I have always had pets but right now I have 4 snakes (2 ball pythons - Meliae and Acheron - and 2 corn snakes - Rhea and Hephaestus) and 2 cats (Luke and Leia)
  14. Yes!!

    My partner and I currently have 2 cats (Midna & Zelda), a leopard gecko (Mister), a female betta (Tiamat) and two snails (Stripes & Spots). It's definitely a bit of a full house around here, but I love these guys to pieces and wouldn't trade them for the world.

    Midna & Zelda have their own instagram (though I admittedly forget to upload to it regularly), which is here!

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