Games Do you actively play on any virtual pet sites or sim games?

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by Shriker, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Shriker

    Shriker Shadowlack Owner RPGfix Admin Patron Game Owner

    Trying to see if there is any overlap in the user base here. :) Does anyone play on sites such as Flight Rising, Lioden, Subeta, Neopets, etc.?
  2. Xexes255

    Xexes255 Newcomer Game Owner

    I kept trying to get into Flight Rising but then I gave up.

    In general I don't like pet games because they follow the Facebook "Game" model that limits how much you can do per sitting. I don't like that. I want to play how much I want to play. And leaving the game frustrated there's nothing more to do doesn't leave me with a positive feeling about the game.

    I did briefly try Neopets but I think it's safe to say I'm much too old.
  3. USSCerberus

    USSCerberus Newcomer

    I've been playing on Neopets for a LONG time. I just wish I had the password for my original account...
  4. I played around on Neopets a lot as a kid, but havn't done anything like that since.
  5. Celebi

    Celebi Fresh Blood

    I actually still play on Neopets. By... some odd twist of fate. I first joined it when I was around 14 or so. Ah. And I also still play on Valley of Unicorns and Dragon Cave, but they're not quite as interactive, so probably count more as adoptable click sites than anything.

    I used to love Valenth but it went under. I wanted to join Flight Rising but ah, at the time they had it closed for registration, and I never quite wandered back.
  6. Kazzle

    Kazzle Newcomer

    Yes! I've always been a big fan of those virtual pet sites and all Sims games. I'm currently in love with Sims 4.
  7. Shyuuhei

    Shyuuhei Newcomer

    I used to play neopets and furrypaws o-o
  8. Jenn

    Jenn Newcomer

    I have Sims 4 & I used to play neopets back in the day. I tried to find something that was fun like neopets was but- can't seem to find anything similar sadly.
  9. JAnderson

    JAnderson Newcomer Game Owner

    I play neopets and Sims 3
  10. Shiarrael

    Shiarrael Newcomer

    I visit Neopets on occasion even though I'm obviously not in the target demographic. I also play Nintendogs when I know where my old Nintendo DS is.
  11. miami1984

    miami1984 Newcomer

    I am mildly addicted to Howrse. I also enjoy Lioden and FlightRising....
  12. Hyrule Castle

    Hyrule Castle Newcomer

    I used to play Neopets!
  13. Kiwixpop

    Kiwixpop Sith Lord Game Owner

    Back in high school I started on neopets but that was when I was 16ish and I'm 31 now. I tried Subeta but couldn't get into it. And I lost interest in the dragon cave one
  14. Star

    Star Newcomer

    I used to play Neopets back several several years ago. I really enjoyed it then, and sometimes think about playing it again.
  15. Jerichi

    Jerichi Newcomer

    I just got back into Neopets and it is sucking up a ton of time X_x
  16. Anactoria

    Anactoria Newcomer Game Owner

    I like Flight Rising and occasionally play Lioden.
  17. Kiwixpop

    Kiwixpop Sith Lord Game Owner

    I do play dating sim games on my phone >.>
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  18. Ammut
    Dr Pepper Addict

    Ammut DTD's Resident Cat Lady Game Owner

    I played Neopets waaaaaaaay back when. Now I'm on Flight Rising, and I love it! :D
  19. Yup Lionden.
    It's fun.
  20. Twisted

    Twisted Newcomer

    I used to play on Neopets as a kid and more recently (though not in about a year) I played on FurryPaws and Lioden but couldn't seem to get into them much. I ended up discovering my love for RP on FurryPaws actually :)

    I haven't dabbled much into the Sim games lately as I've been busy with roleplay forums so I haven't heard of many mentioned here! I may need to check a few out :)