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    Let's say that you were browsing the listing, looking for an interesting game, when all of the sudden: A Wild Broken Link Appears!

    Guess what! You can help fix that! Each and every one of you has the power now to help alleviate this annoyance. At the bottom left hand side of every site listing is a small "Report" link. It looks a little different depending on the style that you're using, but I think you can all figure it out.

    Simply click on the report link and report the site! Feel free to report sites that:
    • Are totally and completely broken / 404 error spewing
    • Are inactive (have shown no signs of life for more than three months)
    • Have officially closed
    • Have changed URLs and the site maintainer has neglected to update their listing
    • Are missing a link back to RPGfix
    If you ever happen to see spam or something objectionable (hateful language and things that otherwise break our rules), each and every post, profile post, and private conversation is equipped with a "Report" link. Simply file a report and if enough people report it, the content will disappear from public view automatically for review.

    Also, hi! You all should have gotten a notification of this thread, courtesy of our first RPGfix exclusive add-on: XenForo - Watch Forum on Registration. ;) :coffee:
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.