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Affiliation Exchange Darkness Rising

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by The Mother, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. We'd like to affiliate with other Star Trek (and sci-fi in general) RPG sites. Darkness Rising formerly known as USS Hawk is looking for you.

    <a href="http://startrek.lostworldssff.com/index.php" title="Darkness Rising"target="_blank"><img src="https://i.imgfly.me/a6GuR.jpg" alt="Darkness Rising"/></a>
    Your code:

    <a href="http:/Address" title="Site name"target="_blank"><img src="https:/your image.jpg" alt="Site name"/></a>
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  3. Mim

    Mim Resident Game Owner

    Since I'm admin on that one as well, already done ^*^
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  4. Looks like Mel got here before me.