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Closed Cop Friends/"Family"

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by grimfox, Feb 13, 2019.

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  1. grimfox

    grimfox Resident Game Owner

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    Site Description: Follow Me Down is an 18+ modern supernatural roleplay set in the fictional town of Crescent Ridge, Colorado. We have multiple supernatural species to choose from, and we're a friendly and welcoming bunch.



    So this wholesome as hell group is a small family that has formed out of the Crescent Ridge Police Department. With the exception of Amelia Triggs (and by extension, her younger brother Erie), they are all police officers, and most of them have been friends for between one and ten years. (Note: The length of time each character has been with the family is listed with their names.)

    The group was started by Tavi and Tiller, who have simply adopted people into their little family over the years for various reasons. Although Amelia isn’t actually aware that she’s part of this family yet, they all adore each other (even if they bicker) and would quite literally take bullets for each other. There are already several characters in play, so you'll have plenty of plots!

    TAVI - 40s - WITCH - COP - 10 YEARS


    Tavi (fc Oded Fehr) here is, along with Tiller, one of the founding members of the family. He is a very caring man who tends to take in strays, even more so after the death of his wife and son several years ago. Having married his high school sweetheart, Tavi wasn’t used to being alone and he began working more and more, a tendency he still has when left unchecked.

    He has absolutely zero sympathy for Hunters and those who help Hunters, and has made many enemies by actively seeking out the Hunters in the area to kill them.

    His last name is open, and everything not listed here can be discussed!

    ROSE - 30s - HUMAN - COP - 8 YEARS


    Rose Harding (fc Jaimie Alexander) is a cop, and a certified badass who will literally cut you. She has lived in Crescent Ridge her whole life, and comes from a long line of people in law enforcement or other closely related jobs. She’s the only human in this group, but if you think that means that she can’t keep up physically with her supernatural coworker/family members (for the most part) you would absolutely be wrong. She is one of the most well-known and competent officers on the force.

    She was brought into the family by Tavi and Tiller shortly after her parents were killed in house fire, and she’s been with them ever since. She’s very loyal to the people who picked her up when she was down, and will absolutely thrash anyone who fucks with them. She’s a very serious woman who is particular about who she shows affection to, but she gives good advice and is there for her police fam.

    Anything not listed here can be discussed! I’m pretty flexible

    EVELYN - 20s/30s - WITCH - COP - 6 YEARS


    Evelyn Kennedy (fc Meagan Good) is a Sun Witch who moved to Crescent Ridge with her family to practice their magic better with other witches. She is an incredibly talented witch, which is a good thing, since there seem to be a shortage of sun witches in the area. As such, she’s fantastic to have while on a particularly dangerous job. People tend to think that she’s soft, but the reality is simply that she doesn’t like or approve of unnecessary violence. This in no way means that she’s not capable of defending herself or doing her job, and to think so would be an entertaining mistake.

    Evie is a walking rulebook who simply seems to have a lot of knowledge. She’s a bit nerdy, and is damn proud of it.

    BENJAMIN - 20s/30s - SIREN - COP - 1 YEARS


    Benjamin Cohen (fc Torrance Coombs) appears to be in his 20s/30s, but is actually roughly around 130. He’s still fairly young by Siren standards, but definitely old enough to have Seen Some Shit. He is sweet but a bit rough around the edges, and isn’t always great at being gentle with feelings even when he doesn’t intend to be rude. He’s blunt by nature, although he is attempting to “soften up” a bit.

    He is a genuinely nice person in spite of seeming a bit gruff, and will be the first to ask if you’ve eaten, make sure you have a ride home, and ask where the fuck your coat is in this weather. He is absolutely not above using his Siren Song to make people do little things like go to sleep at a reasonable time or put on a jacket in cold weather. He came to Crescent Ridge roughly one year ago after fleeing from particularly skilled hunters, and Tiller and Tavi immediately took him in because… Well, fuck hunters.

    Contact Me Via: Replying to this thread, PM, Discord @ Grim#1313, or on the FMD Site Discord.
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