Character Sheets: As an Roleplayer What do you Consider a Good or Bad Written One?

Discussion in 'Role-Play Discussion' started by KhFanWriter9, Jul 4, 2021.

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    As title says above. Also can put what style sheet you prefer when creating your own characters.

    For me I prefer those that have good discriptions in text only without using numbers to describe their characters, and don't forget to include their clothing choice. More then one line stuff with a personality section. For a good written one. A lot of detail, and it's not split up between sections. Like hair then they skip a line to describe the weight, then do the same for describing everything else in pieces which I find annoying.

    my style for an sheet is the one I use all the time of name, gender, age, sexuality, appearance, personality, and an optional history section.
  2. flea_rave

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    i like super (but not exhaustingly) detailed ones. i like having one image for a faceclaim, but otherwise just text. it also better dedicate a lot of space to personality! thats the whole point, no? i also loathe having to write long visual character descriptions.
  3. Lasciel

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    It depends on the site/group/game to be honest, but my personal preference is for two sheets. One a quick reference for other players to scan quickly with very basic information so that they don't have to scroll through long sheets to try and find the relevant information. Character picture, obvious personality traits, brief history, and always ALWAYS a "Looking For" section to let others know what kind of scenes and connections you're looking to make with the character.

    When creating a character or running a game I always have a much longer sheet to fill in. Usually multiple pic references, a physical stats section that OP would hate as it's usually a spaced out numbers block followed by a description blurb that goes into not just what they look like but common modes of dress and how they carry themselves. Education and skills. What do they bring to the table/group. History. A Likes and Dislikes section. I've found that those are super helpful in fleshing out a well rounded character and it is stuff that I might not remember if I don't write a character for a long time. Being able to go back and remind myself about those very specific quirks is super helpful.

    So yeah. Both. An in-depth character ramble, and a quick reference sheet working together to make everyone's life better is my ideal.
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    I'm of a mind that a detailed backstory, while nice and informative, shouldn't be required to at least begin rping. That said, after sometime writing a character, you should have at least a little more 'meat on the bone' of who they are and where they came from, and at that point should at least have a small descriptive backstory.

    But like Lasciel said, it's also advantageous to have a quick reference, if at all possible.
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    I'm not gonna lie, I really hate in depth character sheets, like, give me the gist of it but spare me their life story from the time they were born up until now. If I have to read thousands of words in a biography it's an excitement killer. I get that you love your characters and you're a proud creator, but for me I like to keep my knowledge of them as your partner to what my character would know of them upon their first meeting. Bullet points of important events, perfect.