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  1. Meushell

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    What sort of hobbies do your characters have? Are they good at them?

    To answer my own questions... (Is it sad I need to look up at their profiles to remember?)

    Nalada - Sewing, Drawing, Sparring, Singing
    Forgot about half of these. Lol. She doesn't sing well, like, at all.

    Avrel - Hunting, Sparring, Active Sports
    Lol. He needs more variety.

    Crystal - Dancing, Running, Weight Lifting, Star Trek
    Completely forgot about the dancing one. She should turn Avrel into a Trekkie.

    Davet - Sparring, Dancing, Sewing, Hunting, Tea Herb Garden
    Lol. I basically copied off everyone else for him. I added the Tea Herb Garden hobby after playing him for a while, to give him something of his own.
  2. My characters are too old and too busy to have a lot of hobbies :P

    Faizel draws and paints, but that is about it. Everything else my characters do have more to do with their day to day way of living and surviving than being classed a hobby.

    I mean, I look at myself and I find I have less and less time for real hobbies, the way I used to get into things when I was younger. I used to read 5 books a week. Now I am lucky if I can read 5 a year. My easel hasnt been touched in years, I still have unopened paint I bought 2 or 3 years ago. The only drawing I get to do is when I am waiting for replies. And that is mroe doodling and sketching than the hours I used to spent painting and drawing. Considering I have a less stressful life than any of my characters... I dont see how I can give them any time off for hobbies :(

    Poor things.
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  3. Copycat

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    My fave character Baltas loves to watch Star Wars movies and drink beer, write Wikipedia articles, tell people how stupid they are on Yahoo Answers, play video games. He's a man of simple pleasures.

    My other char Russo likes coding, hacking and other stuff, and likes modifying robotics stuff. So that's something.

    I try to vary things up a bit with each one, and yet Iend up giving them things I like to do, probably because I familiar with it, lol.
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  4. Meushell

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    You do have a good point there. Most of my characters' hobbies relate to their work. Like the sewing. It's not a primary job for any of them, but they are sewing clothes for themselves or others to where.
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  5. Most of my characters have usually gone the mercenary route so hobbies tended to include sparring, exercising, etc... However, Ive had a few who aspired to be authors, policemen (of a sort), or historians, one in particular enjoyed making riddles/puzzles so much that it ended up being the only thing he did. Most times my characters tend to share the same hobbies I do, mostly because its easier to pull from the familiar although I do attempt to branch out.
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  6. Elena

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    Most of my men are playing a kind or another of guitar (Chago, Sol, Andrea, Sigurd), some play chess, Allan plays flute (or fife, I can't see the difference between these two English words). Women like reading, sewing and singing, Maribel also reading cards.
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  7. Obstaff

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    Ahh my characters are odd. I think I've only got a few that are really hobby like with stuff. One is a fashion designer and loves to draw, one of my others love playing the cello and taking photos. She's getting pretty good at the latter too. It's so fun to discover those though.
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  8. Dreamer2012

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    I tend to try and come up with a different hobby for each character. (I don't like repeating the same one) I have one who is a photographer....and then I've got one who likes to draw those little pictures where the person has a small body and big cartoon head. I've got so many though, its hard to list them!
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  9. Lady B

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    Hmmm... interesting topic. :)

    Well... I had a couple of characters I enjoyed a lot. One had the hobby of gardening, even a little needlework that she picked up after she married. Another character was big into horses and often trained horses and dressage. Otherwise she liked some fencing and zumba.
    One character is essentially me (so LOTS of crazy hobbies there). Another... he's a stick in the mud so no major hobbies at all other than sticking his absent nose into other people's business. Another male character... he's a Manager so he doesn't have much time for hobbies other than a little cycling around the countryside perhaps or a walk around the park.
    A couple others don't really have a hobby, they haven't the time because they love their work that much. :)
    My reenacting persona her favored hobbies is needlework, dancing, some riding, I think there is something else that I can't recall though.

    So... they vary, depending upon the character and most of them... I pretty much don't do. :) Except the needlework. LOL It's fun to have a character do things you are not comfortable doing yourself or something you've never tried or used to do but don't any more.

    ~Lady B
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  10. Calico

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    I used to play a female elven ranger on a site that always was doing some sort of carving on a bit of wood or the like. It started out as something random and then I just kept having her do it whenever she was just standing about waiting for something, or even during conversations she wasn't really involved in. LOL I had a whole slew of "little wooden carvings" in her bag that she wound up giving to people periodically.
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  11. NekoHime

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    Nel: Singing, reading, and drawing

    Nat: Researching
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  12. Lux

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    I have quite a few characters, and they have various hobbies and skills. One has a hobby of finding and collecting armor and weapons. One is a noble, and so she sings, paints, draws, does needlepoint... but she also has a very keen intellect, so she loves to read and learn about everything.
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  13. VirusZero

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    The only character that I play currently that really has any hobbies (that I've alluded to or mentioned) is my character Serah.

    For a little background info... Serah is a part of an advanced peacekeeping force funded by the UN. Their headquarters is a massive building with a large training area right in the centre. The training area uses holograms and forcefields to project any kind of scenario or situation that they want. And to keep the people sharp and entertained they also encourage everyone to use it. (They have leaderboards for things like highest score on this week or fastest runs or etc...)
    People can create their own custom arenas for mock battles with each other in teams or 1vs1 (like laser tag, except they use weapons set for stun) or co-operatively against a team of former opponents. Or they can create scenarios for others to try. Things like "2 enemies have taken refuge in Building C. Get there in 3 minutes without tripping an alarm".

    She likes going to the training room and taking part in those games. She's not bad, but she's yet to get a top time/score.
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  14. Um...

    One of my characters is obsessed with dancing (she's medieval so luckily hah I know some small amount of medieval courtly dance).

    Another does archery.

    I admit I try to keep my characters to hobbies I enjoy although the one is obsessed with cards and I haaaate playing cards... which is why all her scenes talking about cards I kind of gloss over quickly to avoid having to do research that makes me want to scream. >.> She was the one who decided me on the "no hobbies except stuff I can stand."
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  15. cash

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    I think the only hobby that really is worth mentioning is that my cut-throat loan shark has a hobby of knitting and crocheting. It eventually blew out of proportion to the point he would poison everyone at a dinner party and only give them the antidote if they put on his sweaters. He's also spend a night weeping because he found that someone regifted him a sweater he made the year before. Heh.
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  16. Zozma

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    All my characters have hobbies, some more interesting than others. I have characters who enjoy cooking, training, working out... A lot of my characters enjoy martial arts of some kind (goes with the setting), although I try to give them different ones, taekwondo sticks out because many of my characters are Korean. One character's uncle is a martial arts instructor, so he grew up disciplined in his chosen martial arts.

    I have a scientist, who became one to figure out how to stop himself from becoming a monster creature (kinda like how a werewolf might become a monster but his isn't restricted to full moon nights). Since then, he's become pretty obsessed with science and Nightmare research.

    Some of my characters love computers, video games, hacking, reading. So I have nerds.

    I have a Chinese character who loves wushu and is obsessed with fashion. (And drinking.)

    I have a girl who loves Disney.

    The list goes on and on.
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  17. My Queen is an expert equestrian who indulges every chance she gets. I have one that is obsessed with the stars, always looking through a telescope tracking this or that planet, etc. Another is a gardener and loves roses especially. She has no need for an occupation so the garden has become her hobby. As well as koi ponds which are technically part of the garden, I suppose.

    I think it makes them more real, it gives you settings for scenes, and helps flesh in the character more.
  18. espatier

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    I use ancient arts in modern times so that I have a better understanding with the skill.

    Mule skinning
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  19. kaz

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    My current character is really into fashion and designing. She's makes clothes and decorations. Her whole goal in life is to make the whole world pretty, lol!
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  20. The

    The Fresh Blood

    I have a character who loves climbing, one who loves sword fighting (he has a natural talent for it) and one - ironically - who hates rl roleplaying of all kinds.