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Bug Can't submit site

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by Sets, Mar 11, 2018 at 7:09 PM.

  1. Hello. Trying to add my site and I'm getting messages that my url is invalid (http://rp-society.com) and that the link back isn't present (it's on the home page, right under the news section, where it says "affiliates"). Help please? Not sure what I am possibly doing wrong.
  2. Hi there! In this case it looks as though it is a result of your forum theme being malformed. You have mis-matching HTML code for the doctype defined, as well as a second use of doctype right in the middle of the theme. (I've highlighted it here.)


    Running the site through the https://validator.w3.org/ will tell you the various errors that ought to be fixed according to your defined doctype.
  3. Blergh, okay, thank you. I didn't code the theme, a staff member who has since quit did, so this should be fun to try to fix! Thanks for the help.
  4. It's a pain for sure, but if you get stuck (and don't mind a little wait), you can post some of the template code here either for myself or other passerbys to help debug. :) I get downtime and really want to make sure games get included in the directory regardless of people's coding abilities.

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