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Discussion in 'Game Design' started by Cait, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. Cait

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    What do you look for in a canon list--specifically, a canon list including original canons?

    I’m currently starting up a site by myself. It’s in its soft launch state (which essentially means I have enough information on the site for people to join, but it’s not perfect yet). One of the areas that I really want to improve is my canon list. I’m not getting a lot of traffic on the site yet, but when I do have guest visitors, I’m seeing a lot of them look at the Canon list...and not much further. So I know that’s an area I need to work on.

    My question is, what do you look for in a canon list? Do you like lots of canons, or just a few? Do you like really specific information, or just the highlights?

    Currently I have my canon list separated into member groups, with a few options in each member group. But I’m going to be real honest--as a player, I’ve never been super inclined to take canons, so I have no idea what makes a canon list “good.”

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. SithLordOfSnark

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    I normally won't personally join a site that uses "original" canons, because a canon is a character from a fandom where I come from, and I don't like seeing pre-made site canons, to be honest.

    That's not to say it's a COMPLETE deal breaker, it's just a mark in the negative column.
  3. alphaSHIELD

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    As I typically only utilise canons as characters from the fandom I'm in the same boat as SithLordofSnark.

    I won't mark down a site using original canons (such as 'King of Lorelesia' but I wouldn't expect that type canon to be overly detailed, maybe a name etc). However as I typically only handle canons that are fandom I normally only list them, any character whose history is differed from the history in the canon lore I'll either note it then or ask to be contacted about this.
  4. Zoltan

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    canons are just another advertising tool, examples of pre-made or semi-pre made characters that a prospect might want to pick up rather than design their own?
    yes they can also be used to 'control' who apps for story important positions. But yeah people will look at the available cannons to get an idea of what sort of things are expected and, even if they never apply for one, will take them as an indicator of the sorts of people the site is built on.

    So, personally, I would have some and would make them fun and colourful to act as another pull for prospects
    (and also perhaps as a filter for those that are trying to join without bothering to read the lore, solely to be
  5. Verridith

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    I haven't done anything with proper fandom canons for a long time, but on my high fantasy site, we have a limited number of original "canons" that are located alongside our site's plot positions. These canons - as ready-made characters - are actually our gods, and not normal characters at all. xD The plot positions are just positions, and can be filled by any OC that fits the bill. But our canons have always been gods, and nothing else. They are the only position that the character remains the same in, regardless of the one who plays them. (:
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  6. Archaeon

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    I'm one of those people that whenever I visit a new site that sounds interesting, the first place I stop is the canon list. Whether they be original or fandom. It's normally because although the game sounds interesting it hasn't yet sparked any solid ideas, so I will swing by the canons to see if there's anything there character, plot or position wise that jumps out at me.

    I don't think there's any particular right or wrong way of doing a canon list. I personally prefer lists that are easy to navigate and have minimal details sketched out for each character. Things like name, position, maybe a few personality traits and any key relationships should be included. But not much else beyond that. I also prefer it when there are suggestions for face claims but that they aren't fixed. That may just be me, though. But I think if someone is going to create a character they should have the freedom to say what that character looks like.
  7. Sage

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    I'm the kind of person that loves taking canons and want ads. So I will always check those out on a site first before coming up with a brand new character. What I look for is an engaging role - something with predetermined relationships that is both easy to slip into, but challenging as a writer. There should be enough information that I understand the gist of that canon's role in the plot/society/etc., but with enough open room for me to make it my own and give them room to grow.

    That all sounds very vague, but I'd suggest going around and looking at other original canon lists. Shop around a little. See what you like. See what you don't like.
  8. Syndehy

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    I really don't mind what the canon list looks like, tbh. I'm more interested in the who's who/member directory. xD As long as sites have one of those, I find the canon list just a bit of extra information. But I do expect them to have at least the most important characters on them. It's fairly easy to make a note saying that the canon list is not complete and that other characters may be apped if asked about.