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    This is a piece off the site that me and another mod run. Nothing fancy just one of my latest post.

    The very arrival of autumn made his mood just a little more cheerful there was just something about it that always made him feel more alive inside. The air was crisper and somehow sweeter to him, he would’ve never admitted it but the season curiously always reminded him of his childhood in London. Suddenly there was a greater need for coffee rather than a want, and the idea of cozening up on the couch before a fire was all the more appealing. The subtle hint of waning summer offering a briskness to the air even while the leaves were set aflame. What was not to love about it?

    Cam had went in the completely opposite direction of Sidney by being well--- practical wearing a pair of bootcut Ariat's M6 Adkins jeans. Hand sanded at the upper thighs and knees so they bled into a lighter shade of blue apart from the dark wash at his hips and calves. A navy slim fit long sleeve three button crew neck top and blue Adidas had been integrated with a matching ball cap and silver blue faced Rolex. Not that he minded what Sidney was wearing in the very least in fact he was hard pressed not to steal a glance or two at the risky play of leather knee caps and bare thighs ..bloody hellif it wasn’t a dangerous distraction. He had already blown through a stop sign and damn near missed the exit to Morning Glory Farm on the way there.

    He had blamed the mishaps on a displaced contact and pulled over at the nearest gas station for a brief pit stop to rectify the situation. Which basically consisted of him stopping off in the rest room to give himself a pep talked in the mirror about the dangers of Sidney James and how his weak hormones could barely handle her in stiletto boots and bare thighs.After that Cam had committed to staring straight ahead at the road no matter what she said, but there had been no promises made once they pulled into the grave parking lot and the Jeep was stilled.

    Christ the hay ride had nearly been his undoing, but he wasn’t alone in that either because he was sure every hot blooded male within head turning range had stopped to watch the leggy blonde maneuver herself on top of the honey wheat hay bales. Cam had used every excuse possible to aide her in her plight, as he grasped her hips and protectively stood in back of her incase that cranberry number flashed a little more than leg.

    They had been ‘pumpkin picking’ for nearly an hour and every time Sidney ‘thought’ she found the perfect gourd there would suddenly arise a noticeable flaw she couldn’t tolerate. Which was fine the first seven times but by the twentieth he was starting to believe there was something else underlining the issue besides blemished squash. Hunkered down amongst the vines and piled dirt he eyed her over the rims of his glasses.

    “ Whats going on here? We’ve been through half the pumpkin patch and haven’t found our Great Pumpkin --yet--. Which seems a bit barmy if you ask me Sidney. I mean the point is to carve these things up right? Or paint them or whatever it is you woman find the notion to do with them.”

    He rested the bulk of his upper body on top of the large round pumpkin in front of him, elbows propped up as he placed his weight on the flat of his feet awaiting her reply.
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