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Discussion in 'Management' started by VixarePanda, Jun 5, 2019.

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    Hello all!

    I have been in the RPG community for over ten years now and only just decided to bring up my own site. Not only this, but I have also become a member on another new site who is currently in their "Soft Opening' phase.

    I'm wondering what tactics/ techniques other forum owners have for enticing players into a new site? When I join something new, I look for a few different factors. Plot: whether their idea is interesting is obviously a big part of the decision. Species: do they have a decent spread? Do they allow creative juices to flow? And activity. This is where I get stuck for my site.
    The "Soft Opening" site I have joined had an amazing plot and a lovely attitude towards creativity with your character. However, there are a total of FIVE members. And since I joined, I have seen no one else join and no posts.
    My site has only myself and my co-admin. Thus, we obviously look "dead" despite only just opening

    So my question to everyone here is this...
    How do you get people to join a site that has just opened if they are only seeing a small amount of activity on the front page?

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