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    I've been running and writing in collaborative writing groups, clubs, and then groups again, always using the forums provided by the big dogs. Had to leave those because they just no longer seem to care about the upkeep.

    I joined here because I wanted a place to find more writers for our groups and also because I'm interested in possibly more groups.

    I also am a writer - in that I am working toward publication and also have, with a friend of mine - a web series based in an urban fantasy setting. I am a gamer and a twitch streamer who co-ops with her hubs, family, and friends.

    I have background and experience in so many things, it'd be difficult to list all of it in an introduction, so I'll truncate it to themes specific to this. I have written/like to write/read: Marvel - based fan fiction/rpg, supernatural fantasy or romance, High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Romance of all sorts... I like some DC (Batverse) but I've never had good luck with groups of that ilk before. I think I might be carrying a curse on those?

    I look forward to getting to know you!

    ~ Rach

    (I always take the time to use what little French I still have left in my miniscule vocabulary of the I want to think I didn't waste all the time spent in class completely.)
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    Hello Rach, welcome to RPG Fix. :)