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    Greetings to everyone!

    I've been looking for some new resource sites and directories. So far, I'm impressed by what I see here~! I'd love to eventually advertise my sites here. But~ I'm not opposed to simply meeting new people and building friends and learning things along the way. I hope to get to know plenty of you guys around here <3

    A little bit about me?

    I've been writing for 12 years (lets pretend it's really 10 because those first 2 years were terrible AIM instant chat and MSN message board smut) ... Oh my, did I just reveal how old I am? Haha.... ha......

    I currently work as a receptionist for 2 different clinics. (If you live in the PNW and see some chick running between a hospital and a vet clinic in scrubs... it's me) When I have some down time I'm reading urban fantasy, working on my novel, teaching myself code, or writing for the... 100 characters I've made over the years.

    I am literally a jack of all trades when it comes to arts and writing. I've dabbled in nearly every genre out there but my bread and butter are: urban fantasy & historical. I always wind up coming back to these two eventually~

    Anyway, I think that's about it for now. <3
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    Hello there. Welcome to RPG Fix :)