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Discussion in 'Game Design' started by Shriker, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. Shriker

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    I'm looking at creating a list of free website hosts that allow you to build/upload your own sites (not just free forum hosts). If you can think of any off of the top of your head, recommending them here would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  2. VirusZero

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    I wouldn't really recommend them (I've had issues with downtimes on these 3 when I used them in 2012, they may have changed since then but I'll still warn you to use at your own risk).
    • x10hosting (claims unmetered bandwidth/hdd, 2 MySQL databases, uses cPanel.)
    • Serversfree (10GB HDD, 100GB bandwidth, 5 MySQL databases, uses own cPanel version.)
    • 000webhosting (places a popup on your pages... 1.5GB HDD, 100GB bandwidth, 2 MySQL databases, uses own custom panel.)

    I had slightly better luck with these ones...
    • Byethost (1GB HDD, 50GB bandwidth, 5 MySQL databases, uses VistaPanel.)
    • Freehostia (250MB HDD, 6GB bandwidth, 1 MySQL database. )
    • Zymic could also work. (6GB HDD, 50GB bandwidth, 5 MySQL databases, uses custom Zymic control panel rather than cPanel.)
    But they aren't exactly perfect either. (Zymic's control panel is somewhat more complicated. Freehostia has a really small MySQL database size, only 10MB, which is virtually useless for a forum which can easily get to 200+ MB.)

    Also, watch out for clauses in each host's ToS that if you don't login into your account every <X> days that they will erase your account. (I've had an x10hosting and serversfree account deleted that way.)
  3. Freid001

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    Awardspace - No ads, Free for up to 250MB space, 5GB Traffic a Month, 1 Domain, 3 Subdomains, 1 MySQL v5, PHP 5
  4. Tainted Snow Queen

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    I would like to note that x10hosting doesn't offer the unlimited hosting right away for its free servers. (And I have actually found that they have made their servers more stable lately, I track a site hosted there, and over the last 30 days it has a 99.97% uptime).

    When you start, you have the following restrictions:
    Newly created Free Hosting Accounts will be limited to 1 GB of disk space. Users may request to raise this limit once they have an account over 7 days old that follows our Terms of Service and uses over 500 MB of disk space

    Newly created Free Hosting Accounts from users in countries marked as "High Risk" will be limited to 500 MB of disk space and 10 GB of bandwidth. Users may request to raise these limits once they have an account over 7 days old that follows our Terms of Service.

    For this list, might it be useful to also list each host's "Inactivity limit"? (How often you need to log into your backend (cPanel or the like) to avoid deletion? For most, it's 30 days, but awardspace has a 12 month limit (and you just need to have traffic to not be deleted)

    I've also found this site: Free Web Hosting invaluable in a search as you can search through several sites, and they have a power search that allows you to look for the features you most want. :)
  5. Captain Riagain
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    For those who run a Star Trek sim I highly recommend you look at They offer free and paid for hosting and the free hosting comes with:
    • 500MB Hardisk
    • 2GB Bandwidth
    • cPanel Area
    • 24/7 Free Support
  6. RachD
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    I use Wordpress for my writing blog, but it's not used for my gaming/rpg stuff. I imagine it might be useful to look into for that, but I'm not sure it would be as user friendly as what I already use when it comes to hobby boards ( Don't get me wrong, I do like Wordpress, just, for something other than this. The fact that you can set up multiple blogs in one site and multiple pages and sub-pages means you could probably get away with it, though.

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  7. Shinka

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    Hugo is a static site generator that you can easily host on GitHub for free. It's my go-to for sites that are just one or two pages, like portfolios and splash pages.
  8. SalyaDarken
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    I use Weebly since it's simple is easy on me. I don't need to know codes to make my site look interesting. Since I use Weebly for My main site, Tainted Wingz which I host my stories, graphics and much on. ^_^
  9. porkerberry

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    I love the updates to google sites ~!