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    Black Dahlia Roleplaying has just acquired bbcode tabs! Using tabs is an awesome way to keep things organized and to condense long lists of information into smaller amounts of space.

    I’m here with a quick explanation on how to use this awesome new tool. First, it seems appropriate to show off what the code actually creates. Here’s a very simple tab display created using bulletin board code (also referred to as bbcode).

    • You can insert any amount of information into the first tab and it will appear here. You can use bulleted lists inside of the tab and you can include multiple paragraphs here or just a sentence. There is no limit, minimum or maximum. You can also include spoilers inside of tabs.
    • Again, you can insert any amount of information in the second tab. Everything that applies to tab 1 also applies to tab 2.
    • You can add as many tabs as you need or would like to have.

    It’s super cool, isn’t it!? I personally find tabs to be a very useful tool when it comes to organizing request thread information. You can set up tabs so that something like this is created:

    • Insert information about yourself here and introduce yourself to prospective partners.
    • Here is a good place to put any rules you have for your prospective roleplaying partners. You can list how often you expect them to be able to reply, how long you expect posts to be and other details like that.
    • Here you could list all of the pairings you might be interested in writing with them.
    • You can have a tab for your plot ideas.
    • You can even have a tab available to include a list of all of your kinks and sexual preferences.

    At this point, I think I’ve demonstrated enough of what tabs are capable of. They’re not something anyone is required to use at all, although they can provide valuable organization to many different forms of information. Now, let’s get on to the basics of how to use them.

    Unfortunately, there is no button for tabs. To use them in a post, you have to use the bbcode in its raw form.

    [tab=Insert the title of your first tab here]This is where the text that you want to put inside of your first tab should go. When you want to end a tab and start a new one or end them completely, you always want to close the tab like this: -> [/tab]
    [tab=Insert the title of your second tab here] <- This is what shows that you are starting a new tab. Please note that the text “insert the title of your second tab here” can be replaced with any title of your choosing. Generally, you want the title to be relevant to the information you are placing inside the tab. Then you close the second tab like so again… -> [/tab]
    [tab=Insert the title of your third tab here]You can keep opening and closing tabs until you have as many tabs as you need.[/tab]
    [/tabs] <- This closing tag here symbolizes that you are done with your set of tabs.

    Anything posted after [/tabs] will not appear in a tab but will appear beneath the whole tab display.

    Feel free to play around with tabs in this thread if you’d like to learn how to do them, and if you have any questions at all with how they work or how to use them, feel free to ask me or anyone else who seems to either know, or who seems to have gotten the hang of using them. They’re awesome and I hope some people come to enjoy them as much as I do! If there are questions, I’ll try to update this guide with some FAQs on tabs.

    ~ Scarlet RN