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Interest Check Battle for the Enigma

Discussion in 'Interest Check' started by DJVoxel, May 9, 2017.

  1. DJVoxel

    DJVoxel Newcomer Game Owner

    Hey everyone! I haven't been on here for a while because I've been really busy setting up my new roleplay after the last one was a complete flop. For a taste of what's to come, I'm going to copy-paste the introduction here.

    Thousands of years in the future, Earth has become a futuristic utopia of peace and harmony. Anything you can imagine is possible, and the Human race has been living in peace for centuries. All of this lasted, until The Cleansing.

    One day, an alien race known as The Arzent attacked, their bio-weaponry somehow surpassing the technology of the highly-developed Earth. They told the people of The Blue Planet that they would destroy the planet's habitat and atmosphere, turning the planet into a desolate wasteland they would then colonize for future conquest. The Earthlings refused, bringing destruction upon themselves... or so they thought.

    The great disturbance and turmoil among the beings that called the planet their home awoke The Ancient Dragons from their slumber, re-awakening magic with them. The dragons imbued the descendants of noble heroes, who were pure of heart, with magical power, allowing them to shield part of the earth's surface with a series of protective barriers just as The Arzent's super-weapon fired. These barriers are made up of mixes of pure magical energy of all kinds, creating multiple layers that strengthen each other, and are held in place by time magic, requiring no maintenance to sustain them.

    The weapon obliterated the unprotected landscape of the entire Earth in one fell swoop, reducing it to a barren wasteland of rock and dust, with no atmosphere protecting it from the rays of The Sun. Only the barrier-protected areas were left, keeping their atmosphere, landscape, inhabitants, and all other things within them safe. The planet became a bunch of islands on a sea of rock and dust, each surrounded by a shield, keeping it safe from the elements of The Cleansed Land.

    Given time, the Arzent began colonizing the rocky desert, while the Humans invented technology that allowed them to travel through the treacherous alien-filled terrain to establish portals that linked all of The Safe Havens together.

    Eventually, using the combined knowledge of the smartest technological and magical minds in the world, the Humans were able to create a super weapon of their own, powered by magic and technology, working in unison, that was able to combat the alien forces. It was named The Enigma, and the Humans worked on it for over a century, during which many fell from the constant alien threat.

    After completing the weapon and running all the necessary tests, the weapon of mass destruction was fired, destroying all traces of The Arzent within the galaxy. But not before they sent out a distress signal....

    Since then, The Enigma was split into 15 smaller weapons, which were hidden all over the islands that dotted the surface, keeping it out of reach of the malicious-minded population. Humans who have encountered the now-awakened Dragons and have been found worthy have been imbued with magical power, becoming mages, similar to those of old. The Humans also began implanting technological implants into themselves, making them lose part of their soul and feeling, but allowing them to become stronger. Those who modified their bodies too much became unable to contain magic, causing them to become angry and revolt against the dragons and mages, who would not let their fractured souls become magical time-bombs, ticking away until their soul completely broke. The mages and dragons were forced to go into hiding, forming their own colonies away from the technologically-implanted population.

    After a few generations of war between Technomancers, those who have fractured souls because of their implants; Mages, those who have earned magical abilities from the Dragons; and The Pledged, those who believe that humans should stay as they are and neither use technological nor magical enhancements; The Arzent returned, bringing with them a larger fleet, bent on the colonization of the strategic location that Earth occupied. Since The Cleansing, The Arzent had learned how to mutate and adapt, allowing them to each be different from one another, with varied new abilities, since conformity is what ruined them last time.

    Now, the race for the 15 pieces of The Enigma begins, and it is up to you to decide who will triumph, and who will fall.

    I'm still looking for storywriters, editors, and web designers (I suuuuuuuuuuuuck at HTML), if you want to help out, just shoot me a PM.

    If you have any questions about the story or setting, I'd be happy to answer them for you.

    I hope you guys will enjoy the full release!