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Batman Villains Wanted!

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by Gothamnoir, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. Gothamnoir

    Gothamnoir Fresh Blood

    Brand new Batman RPG is seeking villains! Do you like the Nolan movies? Do you love to write? Do you enjoy playing somebody scheming, underhanded, violently insane, or just plain evil, wicked, and cruel? Then we want you!Where will this be played?
    Gotham Noir is an advanced play-by-post forum RPG set in the version of the Batman universe as put forth in the two most recent films by Christopher Nolan, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The following are characters we're particularly interested in, but any canon character from the Batman or DC universe can be adapted to fit the setting, which focuses on gritty 'movie realism' and does away with more typical comic book tropes such as magic, super powers, and time travel.Characters WantedThe Joker
    The main villain of the Batman universe, we're looking for an active and energetic player for this character, who's experienced and comfortable with a big RP role. The game is set 5 years after the events of the movie The Dark Knight but before the events of the not-yet-released The Dark Knight Rises, so there's plenty of opportunity for character interpretation and backstory to be tailored to a players' preference. We do have a played Batman and Harley Quinn on the board already, so ready-made interaction is available.  

    Harvey Dent/Two-Face
    Another popular villain and sometime mob boss, while the character is supposedly dead according to film canon, we all know death for any long-standing comic book character is seldom permanent. Creating a workable backstory within the setting and framework of the game would be very simple for any player who enjoys plotting, story-telling, and lots of collaboration.The Penguin
    Villainous mob-boss and arms-dealer with a strange bird obsession, the Penguin is a very popular character who could be an important lynchpin for many board-wide plots and storylines. Fabulously wealthy and dedicated to the acquisition of power by absolutely any means, he would be ideal for a player who enjoys plotting and playing out the subtle machinations of underworld politics.Deadshot
    A slightly more obscure villain, Deadshot is the world's greatest marksman and an assassin-for-hire. Talented, arrogant, amoral, and with something of a deathwish, he would be a fantastic addition to the setting for any player who's interested in a somewhat darker and more realistic take on the Batman mythos.Other Available Characters
    The Scarecrow
    Lady ShivaZatanna
    Green Arrow(along with Arsenal and/or Speedy)Azrael
    The Question
    The Mad HatterScarface & the VentriloquistPlayer Preferences
    Gotham Noir welcomes any and all players over the age of 18. We appreciate diversity in our players, and would be thrilled to have anyone on board who is active, energetic, willing to contribute ideas and information, committed to great story-telling, and interested in heavy collaboration with other players and staff. While we have no length requirement for posts, we do consider ourselves a fairly advanced RPG, so if you're looking for something writing-intensive that focuses on world-building and character development, Gotham Noir could be the board for you! <!-- THE POST --> 

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