Attracting Members to Small genre rps?

Discussion in 'Management' started by Sheena, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. Sheena

    Sheena Newcomer Game Owner

    I own a Lion rpg, which there is only one other out there that I am aware of that is alive. How would/should I go about gaining more members from other genres? I have 3 members currently and the 4 of us are active. The fourth one just joined actually, coming from a site we affiliated with. Any tips?
  2. Mortain

    Mortain Fresh Blood

    Lion RP was huge back in the 2000-2010ish range. It's still out there, but hard to find. My recomendation is get on a pet web sim like Lioden and find players that way.
  3. Flick
    Beer Lover

    Flick Newcomer Game Owner

    Try and see if you can advertise on some relevant subreddits. Affiliating with other animal RPs might help, too.
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  4. Melusine

    Melusine Newcomer Game Owner

    Advertisements and resource forums are another idea. Like, advertise and affiliate with other sites, post your ad on resource sites, maybe join some of those voting sites. There's also reddit and tumblr.
  5. valucre

    valucre Resident Game Owner

    I would suggest looking for a genre specific topsite list that you can submit your animal RPG to

    I just put "animal rpg topsite" into google and got this:

    Not saying it's the best one or anything but rather than doing a shotgun blast at RPers in general and hoping to find people who want animal RPGs, doing a rifle shot at people already looking for animal rpgs specifically is likely to net higher quality interest