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Character Wanted Attackers of Titans | Attack on Titan canons

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by webs, Nov 5, 2020.

  1. webs

    webs Resident Game Owner

    Attackers of Titans

    Reluctant Heroes is looking for some military canons, though original characters are very welcome as well!

    Dot Pixis, Garrison commander of the Southern Territories
    Commander Pixis is the most high-ranking Garrison official in Wall Rose, and is highly respected, with decades of experience under his belt. Following the Fall of Wall Maria, he helped handle the influx of refugees to Wall Rose, and with our Assault on Utopia event, he was called to assist in defending Utopia District in the north, bringing with him his Elites. He is integral to the plot of Reluctant Heroes, especially with Eren Jaeger's trial, and in communicating with Commander Erwin Smith of the Survey Corps.

    Darius Zackly, military general
    General of the three military branches, General Zackly is an imposing figure and one essential to the inner workings of the Walls. He appears to be a strict military leader and one who does what is best for humanity, open to logical solutions and reasoning. Zackly presides over the trial of Eren Jaeger and will be instrumental to military plots, and communicating with the commanders of each military branch.

    Mitabi Jarnach and Rico Brzenska, team captains of the Elite Garrison squads
    Two of the most experienced Garrison team leaders, Mitabi and Rico work alongside Ian Dietrich and under the command of Dot Pixis. They have their own squad members that answer to them, and are given the most important and difficult tasks in defending Wall Rose. During the Assault on Utopia, they are commanded by Pixis to assist in the defence of Utopia District. They may pick up some of the 104th Cadet Corps graduates to fill in their squads.

    Mike Zacharias, Survey Corps squad leader
    Squad Leader Mike is humanity's second strongest, and one of the most experienced of the Survey Corps. He has a nose for titans, with such a strong sense of smell that he can smell them based on the scent of sulphur on the wind. His squad is one of the best, though he might be interested in picking up some of the more interesting graduates of the 104th Cadet Corps.

    You can find more on our Canon List!​