Are you a dark or light site theme lover?

Discussion in 'Game Design' started by Shriker, Nov 26, 2018.


What sort of sites themes do you enjoy?

  1. Light-based

    0 vote(s)
  2. Dark-based

    13 vote(s)
  3. Light-based with optional "night mode"

    3 vote(s)
  4. No preference

    1 vote(s)
  1. Do you find yourself drawn to light or dark themes when it comes to a site? Do you often find yourself switching over into a "night mode" while writing or working late at night?
  2. Dark, all the way. Light skins hurt my eyes, actually. Speaking of...Is there a night mode for RPG FIx?
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  3. @SithLordOfSnark There is, but apparently it broke with the latest upgrade. Not very cool.

    Though this poll is primarily RPGfix-motivated. I'm looking at making a dark theme the default for the next version of the site. :)
  4. Dark all the way!

    I use RPGFix's 'Flexile (Dark)' skin, which is nice and easy on the eyes, though very different from the other versions. Couldn't switch away now, the other ones are too bright! xD
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  5. I use dark themes and skins for almost all my sites and applications wherever possible. It reduces eye strain and saves on battery power too. What's not to love about a dark colour scheme? A dark version of the polished rpgfix theme would be lovely!
  6. Sticking my nose in here to vote for "mixed"!

    Full dark or full light skins I struggle with, especially if there's low contrast. But... a dark background, lighter forum wrapper and some mid-range accents? Oooh yeah. That's the stuff.
  7. I like dark themes.
  8. I am forever a dark theme lover, I use dark themes on everything whenever possible. On my sit,e I try and offer both a light and dark theme to accommodate those who prefer one or the other.
  9. I definitely use dark themes, overall. "High contrast" skins tend to give me a pretty ugly headache, so I do appreciate skins where it's not black on white/white on black. On my forum, we have a ton of different skins to try and accommodate everyone's preferences, and are still working on more to do so!
  10. Dark, easily. I have both options on my site but my eyesight finds it hard to see light backgrounds with light skin on a computer screen, so I tend to stick to dark backgrounds with light (but not bright - that's just as bad) font. I know some people have the reverse problem, though, so I tend to have a version of each.
  11. I like dark themes myself, but I have found that I often get players that need lighter themes to be able to read it, whether on phones or just as an accessibility thing. So I try to have both.
  12. Now that even my OS has darkmode, there is just no going back. I prefer darker themes but also read dark text on a light background better when it comes to posts ... so I suppose I'm somewhat of a yes/and sort of person.
  13. Light, but with night mode. If I'm posting after work, it's 100% likely I have a headache and can't handle a light theme.
  14. I definitely prefer using a dark mode if it's available. There are a number I've heard prefer light while at work, due to it looking more "professional" and therefor those looking over the shoulder doesn't get too suspicious. Lol
  15. Both. I start to miss colour after a while, so sites that are too washed out in either direction make me dread looking at them after a while, regardless of whether they're dark or light.
    Preference for dark, though. :3
  16. Definitely dark mode. But having the option is great too.
  17. glad I found this.. I have a site with dark/light modes and one with light only cause it works for the aesthetics...but I may make a dark for it now... even though I really didn't want to.
  18. I personally prefer dark, however I run a site and am cognizant of ensuring there are both dark and light themes available for my users. I have a great friend who has eye problems and specifically has a tough time reading white or light gray font on black background. When I opened the site, getting a theme for her that she would be able to utilize comfortably was one of my first tasks.
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