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Closed Apocalyptic Bandits

Discussion in 'Wanted Classifieds' started by grimfox, Feb 10, 2018.

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  1. London’s Fallen is an 18+ Zombie Apocalypse site set in London. The community and staff are very welcoming, and there’s plenty of plot for new people to get in on!

    Site: http://londonsfallen.jcink.net/index.php?s=d44d2fd2815ebad391397cd107ed230b&act=idx


    THE RANGERS are a Bandit group made mostly of former military or military minded people, led by Benjamin Fontaine. They work together as a unit, and watch out for each other as though they were family. Incredibly loyal and very protective of each other, messing with one means messing with all. Accepting newcomers provided they can function as part of a well oiled machine, rather than an independent piece.

    They don't discriminate between male or female, but waste no time with people who don't have some sort of training whether combat or technical, and don't accept any who want to join purely for the safety factor. Their primary objective is to eliminate all enemy forces, in this case, the undead and those who threaten the order and rebuild of humanity. Traitors are zero tolerance and dealt with by firing squad. They are distinguishable by their uniform tan berets.



    Nickname optional. Open face, open name.
    The Rangers tactician focuses mainly on learning and acquiring blueprints and scoping out buildings before a scavenge or raid, so that the Rangers know their exits, entrances, and important layout details. Along with that, he or she keeps them up to date on how heavy or light undead activity is in a given area, and whether or not they can go blunt or firearm.

    Without him or her, the Rangers go in blind.



    Nickname optional. Open face, open name.
    The Sniper takes point during every scavenge and raid to insure that the Rangers don't get snuck up on and keep an eye out for any possible threats where they're headed and any following after them.

    Without the Sniper, the Rangers are easy pickings.



    Nickname optional. Open face, open name.
    The base medic stays at the compound, taking care of any injured Rangers, and insuring that if one of the Rangers comes home in pieces, they're ready to sew them back together. The base medic is also in charge of maintaining medical supplies and medications.

    Without the Base Medic, the Rangers can't survive.
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