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  1. Hi everyone :] I'm a Swedish derp. I've been roleplaying since the early 2000s, mostly wolves and horses. I got onto the English scene in 2005 or 2006. I'm preeeetty sure I had an account here way back when, and one of my emails was supposedly registered on something, but I never got the recover password email so I just made a new account. <_>;

    Otherwise I'm a hotchpotch of interests and skills. I have two cats and one horse.
  2. Welcome to the club, @SirArchangel! Do you keep your horse on your own property, or use a boarding company?
  3. That's awesome that you have a horse! :3 What's it like to have one?

    Welcome to RPGFix <3
  4. I have to ask- what breed is your horse? I used to be a trail guide, worked mostly with Appaloosas and mixed breeds. My usual mount was Magic, a mutt of a horse but he was a great bud.
  5. I fell off the face of the earth for a bit. xD That's what happens when you're going too fast, zvoooom.

    @Shriker Thank you! I board her on somebody else's property, they're not so much a company as just a couple with room on their farm. ^^

    @dreamsleever It's aah it's amazing and a fair bit of work. xD I board mine on pasture board whenever I can, because I believe it's better for them, but it's also less work for me, so. But it's.. a lot to be responsible of. Also is that GARRUS?

    @Archivist She's a Shire! :D
  6. They are beautiful horses. Too big for my riding preference but beautiful nonetheless
  7. Not gonna lie, they're massive. xD I had a run-in with a 195cm / 19 hands tall mare. Mine is "only" 180cm / 17.3 hands. She moves very lightly, though, and responds to light aids. Pretty agile for her size, though I don't think she has anything on an appy.
  8. even Clydesdales have a measure of grace about them. I'm used to the standards- mostly appaloosas and similarly sized horses, 12 to 14 hands.
  9. I grew up riding ponies and then regular warmbloods, 15-17 hands. I have to admit, a smaller horse would be a lot more....practical.
  10. unless we're talking about a horse with a stubborn streak. The hack line I worked with had a Paso Fino, and this gelding was stubborn. If he got it in his mind that he could throw you, or take you down the steep incline off the trail- he was going to try. He did this with me once, I hurt my wrist stopping him, but I won. Sure, every now and again, the wrist acts up, but I showed that horse who was boss.
  11. They have their own minds, that's for sure. xD I'm sorry you got hurt in the process, though.
  12. The ranch boss warned me, so I knew what I was getting into. I wanted to be on the payroll, instead of just tips, and to achieve this a trail guide had to ride all of the hacks at least once. I got through the mares but didn't make it through the geldings. I became pregnant and the DR said to stop riding. I was already high risk as it was (child # 1 was a c-section so any after her made me high risk). By the time I had the baby and the Dr cleared me to return to riding, the property had been sold and the hack line moved on.
  13. :/ The curious ways of life, eh?
  14. yes indeed, and I still love connecting with fellow horse lovers. I would love to see a picture of your beauty.
  15. Horse people are a crazy species, but one of the best. xD

    Here's my girl!

  16. Wow, she is a beauty. looks like she could pass for a Clydesdale.
  17. Thanks! They're pretty similar these days, and I think any Shire/Clyde offspring is registered as Grade B immediately, so.. they interbreed a bit to try and keep the gene pool fresh.
  18. That makes sesnse, epseically when considering what happens with certain dog breeds. Genetic flaws toend to be more pronounced. So, the cross breeeding becomes a necessity to curb those negatives. It's easier with horses though, because they don't have those drastic differences like chihuahuas vs. saint bernards vs. samoyed. Horses are more like cats, excluding persians, in that their body types are more common- you could interbreed without concern for size and build. Though I wouldn't breed enseminte clydesdale sperm into a femaile miniature. That's too dangerous for her.
  19. Yeaaah they span some pretty different heights, but largely, it's much safer to cross-breed. I've seen some lovely huge draft x warmblood crosses, but I think it's hit-or-miss when you mix body types like that. Sometimes, they're a happy medium, sometimes, not so much.
  20. I was using a drastic example- like tye small and the extra large dog breeds so people cold get the point. Sadly there are folks out there who know little if anything about the joys of horses and horsemenship.

    Personally speaking, I like jumpers- the breed doesn't matter- it's the grace of the horse going over those jumps, especially the ones that absolutely love jumping.

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