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    I aim at teamwork without preassure. Interactive writing is a hobby, so it should be relaxed. But it is a hobby that requires well functioning teamwork in order to flow and be fun for everyone. You can be away for four weeks without notice, after which I will send a friendly e-mail asking what's your situation and then after a week or two if there's no sign of interest I will delete your account and archive your character and game threads. I don't think it's tol much to ask for a notice of long absence or for a minimum of one in-game post per month. If it turned out you can't do that you can always re-join later when you can and I'll unarchive your characters.

    However, none of this is set in stone but that's more of a guideline as to the minimum expected / hoped for. I consider the overall situation of the site and its players, and of the characters the person has. My sites never even have any overarching huge plot that could get frozen due to someone's inactivity but just personal character-driven plots between players so there's usually not much trouble from that. Like, if someone disappeared they can just choose to write off those games from their timeline and focus on their games with other players. And I'd rather try and find ways to inspire inactive players to come back than to remove them for inactivity. If it's just me and one or two other players it has been a full year before I've given up on a player and removed them. And indeed that is when they have shown no interest whatsoever in returning. I'm very flexible but I do my best to keep playing fun for everyone.
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    I stand by number four. If a character isn't active, they shouldn't be holding a face claim that someone else could use. I have had to do this on a number of occasions, normally when someone who is overly enthusiastic about making more and more characters but doesn't give each the time they require to be active.
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    I'm definitely #2! My site consists of extremely active, driven roleplayers who are committed to seeing the story play out. Site-wide plots are all big things, like battles and thrones being taken and whatnot, so people disappearing pretty much have to be wiped away like a food stain. I've run sites some of the other ways, but in the end it's impractical to good story telling. We don't read books where characters are just never mentioned again (not without holes). That's my take on it, anyway!
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