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  1. Hello my name Angel, I've been simming/Rpging since 2004, and enjoying it alot i was mostly was simming/rpging Star Trek games mostly then a few years later I tried simming/Rpging in a Wrestling game
    which im still with so im doing Wrestling,Star Trek,firefly rpg/simming. I've been having fun with it all
    I'm 51 years old, I'll be 52 this coming May. I like making new friends while simming/rpging i try and get along with everyone i can but in the past i've gotten in trouble do to simming/rpging politics in this one group
    called UCIP, but as the monkees song says: "THAT WAS THEN,THIS IS NOW" So this is now im trying to behave and play nice...
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    Welcome Angel! Fingers crossed on behaving and playing nice, lol!