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    A War of Kings is an original medieval fantasy rpg through posts that centers around two kingdoms that have been encased in a centuries old war. These kingdoms seem to be highly different in many ways and yet there is an undeniable truth that they are alike...although no one would care to admit it.Aravia is a land ruled by King Alfred O'Cruen while Carneth is ruled over by King Lucien Argoth. Choose a side and bring these kingdoms to life.


    *Maintenance Team: The jobs for this group is to generally maintain the AWOK. This ranges from cleaning out the forums to archiving old threads. They are also responsible for approving character applications and thread requests. They are the ones who hand out our site’s awards to the members. They also visit other sites and put up our advertisement. Contact a member of this group if a member isn’t following the guidelines or if you have a general question about the site.

    *Graphics Team: The jobs for this group is to maintain the graphics of AWOK. This means they are responsible for the site's design, creating the Featured Member banners and creating sigs.

    *News Team: The jobs for this group is to organize the newsletter of AWOK. This means they are responsible for the Updates forum. They must compile one newsletter per month. Each newsletter will be placed into a sub-forum titled by the month. The newsletter will contain updates to the story, interviews of the featured members, interviews of the newest staff members, and any other updates the site itself has had in the previous month.

    *Welcoming Committee: The job for this group is to welcome the newest members of AWOK. When we get a new member, they will send a welcoming message to the member as well as post a welcome message under the OOC Discussions forum.


    What we are looking for in Staff: We are looking for staff members who can be online more than twice per week. They must have a friendly attitude towards our members and respond to a member who is asking for help. We will have absolutely NO power abusers on AWOK.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.