Zootropolis Chronicles

Zootopia: Anthropomorphic animals in a darker, crime-ridden city

We are a 3-2-3 JCInk Zootopia anthropomorphic animals site with no word count, no character limits, with a no-wait and tiny application. We strive for realism and creativity. We are an account-per-character site. We allow for your own custom characters or for cannon characters from the movie.

We have written the site's plot in such a way that there are no spoilers and so that one does not have to watch the movie in order to play the game. (It's a great movie, though!). We've streamlined the learning curve to nothing so that you can get started quick and not have to worry about a bunch of lore or complicated rules.

We have been running for 3 years now and have had many wonderful adventures. We are still going - and we are hoping to write with you!

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