Wydan University

A Potterverse university RPG

Wydan University is an original character Potterverse RPG set in Wales with a relatively open plotline. That means you create your characters and you control their future. Let your character grow and change beyond Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang or any other school, and explore the world now open to them as of-age witches and wizards. Whether you are a Muggleborn from Australia, a Halfblood from Ireland or a Pureblood from Canada, there is something new and exciting here for you. And if there isn't? Then make something!
Join Wydan's events committee and plan events like the Mid-Winter Swim, Miss Wydan University (the beauty pageant for men only!), the May Ball or whatever else you can come up with. Become a member of the Newyddion Press and break the latest news about whatever it is you want. Work your way into the Wydan record-book as a member of one of the Colleges' Quidditch teams, or plot future alliances as part of Wydan's secret society. It's all up to you.