World of Solaris

Play-by-post role-play environment set in a world of science fiction and fantasy.

World of Solaris - Play-by-post role-play environment set in a world of science fiction and fantasy.

The World of Solaris is a text-based role-play environment set on a world called Solaris. The planet of Solaris orbits a binary star system in an alternate plane of reality referred to as the Nomaverse. Planet Solaris is filled with mixed fantasy elements intertwined with technology and science. We have everything from pixies, goblins, and dragons to floating cities, flying space trains, and interdimensional travel. Interaction between players is completely acted out via play-by-post forums. We have a very dedicated community of role-players who strive to develop and improve our role-play environment. In one form or another this role-play environment has been an ongoing project since the summer of 1996.

Participating in the World of Solaris is like working with others on a collaborative story. Each player's character has a role in the world and the more involved they choose to be the greater their role will be. We focus on mature and literate role-play to provide a creative outlet for all players involved. We welcome all those who may be interested in role-play here in the World of Solaris. It's an endless adventure and we always have a new storyline in the works. Speaking of storylines, check the next section for more details on our current storyline.

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