Wisteria Weyr

A semi-canon Dragon Riders of Pern RPG

Wisteria Weyr
3015th Turn

Dragons have all but died out. The last dragons left are a small group of clutching greens, blues, browns, whites and a single bronze that dwell in Wisteria Weyr. Had thread vanished forever this would be sad however it would not be a true problem. However an old foe looms on the horizon. The Red Star is returning and there are too few dragons to fight of thread. But, in the midst of these dark times there is a faint glimmer of hope.

There are fifteen eggs on the sand, the sizes varying. However many of these eggs are nothing like has ever been seen on Pern, and many of the Weyrfolk get an uneasy feeling about them. But with the last Gold dead and the Red Star returning, this clutch is the last and only hope for Pern.

We Have
  • A Clutch on the Sands
    There is a clutch of 15 eggs on the sand, and this clutch is a plot clutch, there is sure to be tons of fun.
  • Honourifics for everyone
    If you ride anything but a queen, you get an honourific
  • Flexible impressions
    Impressions aren't based on sex, sexuality, gender identity or anything like that.
  • Super LGBTQQIP2SAA friendly
    We welcome people of any orientation, and characters of such too
  • Lots of pets
    Flitters, Tunnelsnakes, Tunnelcats, Giant Wherries, Felines those are just some of the pets your character can have. We even have a giant relative to flitters, that are between the size of a flitter and a wher.
  • Clutching Greens and Chasing and Rising Whites
    There are clutching greens here though they are rare, and even rarer whites who will rise and chase, and maybe even clutch.
  • Whers
    Dragons not your speed? Flitters too silly? You could become a Wherhandler. Wherleader is currently open.
  • Lots of open high ranking positions.
  • A super dangerous jungle.
    Who cares if there is no thread, the jungle is crawling with large feral felines, wild whers and giant wherries, all of who will try to make a meal of anything smaller than an adult dragon. There's also bandits and other lawless folk in the jungle, not a safe place at all.
  • Something in the Lake?
    Is there really a monster in the lake? Maybe you'll be the first to find out.