When the Darkness Lifts

A modern occult/horror roleplay 18+

When the Darkness Lifts is a modern day horror/occult rp set in Salem Massachusetts. It is a 18+ site rated 3-3-3/M for strong language, violence, and mature content.

Once upon a time Salem Massachusetts was called the promised land, settled by English puritans who wished to escape the old world and start a new in the new world. However when the boats touched the shore puritans were not the only feet to step off the ship. Dark beasts from the old world too wished to pour over into this new promised land, a world they saw fit to turn it into their own sanctuary, their own promised land. Vampires, werewolves, dark witches, and daemons slipped over the ocean to claim this new 'holy' land as their own and Salem was the first battlefront. During the witch trials the dark monsters took control of the settlement and threw their heads back laughing as puritans hung and burned puritans out of fear of these dark forces all around them. What they hadn't known was that they were being manipulated by the darker beings to kill themselves off to make room for the 'sharks'.

Of course where there is darkness there too must be light and reason, shifters, light witches, angels, and hunters started to move into Salem ending the witch trials and holding back the darkness from humanity. Though society has changed greatly over the years Salem is still the greatest dumping ground for the unnatural in America next to the city of New Orleans. On the surface Salem is just a little tourist trap using the witch trials to bring income into the sleepy little town but just at bellow that calm surface you find some terrifying truth to those silly stories. Covens of witches play with the forces of power all around them, angels and daemons wage war over light and dark to keep the balance on earth, werewolves stalk the forests and vampires haunt the nights. Monsters flourish in the shadows and hunters stand shoulder to shoulder fighting to keep humanity safe while forces work to keep this underbelly secret to normal society.

For whatever reason you came to this sleepy little old Salem, maybe to start a new life in this promised land, maybe to find the answers to your life, or maybe you just wanted to get a little peak under that dark underbelly and see what really makes this world tick. Either way you have walked into a powder keg of territories controlled by bickering factions, broken treaties and trust, and conflicts among the vile and vicious. You just might toss a match into this mess and set the whole thing off or maybe you have the guts to help and blow that fire out before something goes boom. Either which way you find yourself standing outside Salem's gates and looking into a dark sky, storm clouds rolling in over head. Welcome to the war zone. Enjoy your fight for survival.

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