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Welcome to Vyldermire!

An alternate universe RPG located in the wondrous and magical realm of Vyldermire. Vyldermire is a high fantasy RPG with a semi-modern twist, it takes the wonders of story and the fun of levels/stats and combines them to make for a special RP experience. Come explore this incredible world, become a strong warrior, perhaps join a guild. The possibilities are endless!

Please note this RPG is still in its primary development phase, we hope to build a wonderful community full of creativity, fun, and roleplay.

Start a new life in our world and see where it takes you~

What is Vyldermire?

Vyldermire is a magical realm set in an alternate universe, it is a vast world filled with all sorts of mystical beings. This RPG has been designed with its own geography and extensive lore to provide a detailed roleplay for you to explore. The stories laid out are structured so that when you immerse yourself into the forum, your characters' experiences are not only unique to your own design but also contribute to the world around them. And we here at Vyldermire aspire to give you lots of elements to enjoy so that you can have a fun and full experience as you progress on your journey. From hunting monsters, completing quests, taming pets, and meeting other adventurers, to rising up the ranks of society and building your reputation, to the alternative of existing in the shadows as a Rogue, your story is what you make it.

What kind of character can I play?

Here in Vyldermire, you have the choice to roleplay as whatever sort of species you want and, to build on the world's design, we have sorted the various species into four key races. These four races are vital to the development of Vyldermirean history and how the story of this world develops. Make sure to read up about the races and decide which race best fits your character!

There are four key races here at Vyldermire;
  • Humans
  • Eldritch
  • Gaiyans
  • Anthros

There is also a unique type of special race that one can have as well as a key race known as an Otherworlder. If you have trouble choosing from a race and want to mix the species (i.e. half human, half eldritch etc), that is fine, just be sure to read up on Vyldermirean history so that it ties into the current lore of the forum as each race has a unique history with each other and it is worth learning about should you decide to integrate them.

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