Victorian Gothic

A slightly spooky roleplay

Victorian Gothic is set in 1883 London, that strange mix of spiritualism, occultism, agnosticism, and rapid industrialization. The occult community feels safe more or less in the open, with the waning of the church and the rise in rationalism, and is given a bit of additional camouflage by the fact mediums and magicians are as likely to be frauds as not. The tattered remnants of the Inquisition do still exist as an order of witch and monster hunters, who generally keep quiet about the fact they are at all organized. Vampires, recognizing that humans will not likely be convinced they have any redeeming qualities, remain in the shadows, and Londoners still dismiss rumours of them as pagan superstition. Revivifying a body requires advanced scientific processes, it's not going to just happen on it's own, and surviving on blood makes no scientific sense whatsoever... Werewolves, somehow, they don't have a problem believing. Go figure.

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