18+ Cyberpunk Demons

Vexxor - 18+ Cyberpunk Demons

Do you like supernatural beasts? Do you like cyberpunk dystopian megacities plagued with corruption and sweet 70’s-80’s-90’s vibes? Do you like role playing? Well, we’ve got a treat for you. Welcome to Vexxor, the hodgepodge slurry mixing post-apocalyptic dystopian themes with the vibrant, semi-futuristic neo-retro aesthetics of cyberpunk. Not to mention, the demons… Our demons are classified as anything surrealistic, so that encompasses all your typical supernatural creatures. Werewolves, vampires, witches, and so many more options are available. Dive into the year 2159 in a city separated by what’s under your skin. But whether you’re a demon trying to make a living in the Warehouse Districts or a human living the posh neon life of luxury, one thing is for sure, things are changing (and not necessarily for the better).

– 18+ ONLY
– 3.5 year old site
– No word count
– Lax activity requirements
– Jcink Premium
– Sandbox or Plot-Driven options available

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