Venture Your Desires Under One Sky

[Original] An MultiGenre / MultiFandom Adult 18 Plus place where content is both clean, and adult like. Chat, Rp, and other things.

[Original, not PanFandom. Picked wrong category.]

This is an adult 18 plus place, Content is both adult like, and clean around here. Chat, Rp, and other things. All walks of life / any rank of writer n' rper are welcomed.

Any Genre is welcomed.
Any Fandom / Cannon Character Series is welcomed.
Any kind of Oc / Own Created Character is welcomed. Whatever species, gender, or fandom / next gen.
Any Writing Length is welcomed.
Any Posting Rate you wish to do.
Any Pairing is welcomed, Yaoi, Yuri, and Straight.
Yaoi is m x M, Yuri is F x F, Straight is M x F.

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