Unknown Heroes

Paying homage to the real heroes of today

Unknown Heroes - Paying homage to the real heroes of today

Unknown Heroes is a real world military themed Sand box and GM’d Style RPG. Our stories will take in battles of today, yesterday and tomorrow with our own versions of real events and the fictional tales we will create. Our aim is to pay tribute to the real heroes of this world, the men and women of the armed forces, having as much fun as possible while we engage in battle with enemy forces around the world.

All elements are included, land, sea and air. We will include clandestine missions involving the various spy agencies with a large focus given to Special Operations units. Both GM’d plot driven stories and individual Sandbox style of play will be catered for.

There will sections to cater for both historical and futuristic RPGs included in the boards. Character applications are easy and straight forward. A general military knowledge is a must.

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