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2002 - Ten years after the death of Emiya Shirou's father, and the violent end of the fourth Heaven's Feel left a town in shambles and fighting for a new identity. Yet, what if, just what if there was a possibility that the events occurred differently that night five years ago? The specters of a war declared that they would not be entirely forgotten from the old days of Fuyuki City. Even after one man's death was to correct the atrocities that he created, new ones arise from the flames of the past and Shirou has been drug into a war that he can not win, a war of magi called Masters. Each of them fight to gain control over the Holy Grail. Love, power, greed, all of these drive the magi forward. Yet now others appear for their claim at the grail.
A, supposedly, omnipotent device that grants miraculous wishes has been tainted by the arrogance of mankind, dark shadows fill the recesses that irked out of the void of their evil desires.
A second year high-school student of a neighboring town suffers a life-threatening injury that leads him down the road of reclaiming a small town from a millennia's evil plague. Life hasn't been easy in this town, it seems like death is lurking at every corner and in everyone's basement was a secret laboratory of some kind. Balancing life between family, school, and the adventures with a blonde True Ancestor have not been all that easy; and just as they thought that the rough nights of fighting for their lives came to an end the shadows of their regret came creeping back again. What use is the skill to see death, if it surrounds you?
Magic, religion, heroes and demons have been in constant struggle since the very beginning; but when did it all start? The Church says that humankind only existed since the biblical start of their creation by a singular god four or seven-million years ago, science and archeology states that it is more like twenty-million years ago... Perhaps the truth lies somewhere between magic and alchemy, a system deranged by the Sages and Prophets to keep a balance to the evil in the world that they have come to know as their own?
Over the expanse of space and time, perhaps everything can be traced back to one source....the Root. When these innumerable realities flicker, die out, become distorted and finally return to one tiny strand teetering on the brink of future annihilation, is there any hope at all?- Is this just the beginning, or is it the end?
Unravel the mystery behind the truth, there are those out there that seek just that - for a pretty price if you are willing to spare your life and living with that knowledge.
The world is about to change...
When the world that you knew, and those all around you, is rent apart by the darkness that fell between the cracks of human history where will you stand?- Will you defend all that is good?
- Will you embrace the darkness?
- Will you stand in the shades of gray?

Welcome to T-Rn/MoE, an all around Type-Moon RP mainly focused on a Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night crossover! We have plenty of canons still available, and accept OCs if canons aren't your thing! Like Type-Moon? Like RPing? Then join us today!

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