A Medieval Supernatural Fantasy RPG

Once, four island kingdoms floated in the sky; suspended above an impenetrable fog by nothing more than the will of the Gods. For centuries, the four kingdoms prospered, fought, and traded until several thousand years ago tragedy struck and two of the kingdoms sank beneath the clouds, never to be seen again. Their people were lost to the underworld below (or so history tells us). Thirty years ago, as the anniversary of this tragedy grew nearer, disaster struck again and the Island of Ziraseth was also lost to the foggy abyss.

Now, the Island of Lysair is alone in the skies and many worry about her fate...

Triumvirate is a medieval fantasy rpg set on the fictional island of Lysair, thirty years after it became the last island in the sky. The site explores the story of Lysair as it struggles to decide how to move forward now that the king is dying. Triumvirate offers a unique customisation experience for characters, allowing you to choose their powers and abilities and creating variation between characters of the same species.

Features of Triumvirate include...
  • No word count minimum
  • Six species options (Dwarves, Elves, Fiends, Humans, Shifters, and Wyrms)
  • Four faction options
  • Player-involvement in subplot events
  • Options to customise and upgrade your character (if you want)
  • Welcoming and active community and staff.
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