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TheRPBox is a small forum site made for Roleplays of all types, though as stated in the RPG rating system you have to be a bit mild because freeforums has a rule to stay at a pg-13 level. Though if we get enough users I may go and start up an actual site with no limits.
But other than that you are allowed freedom in your roleplay. Alot of the Roleplays made by me are of original ideas but I put this as panfandom for the reason of being open to any fandom ideas or roleplays. If you don't see one you like you can also start a new roleplay in our community role play section.

The biggest roleplay that I'll have going is our Dimensional Fracture roleplay a sci fi roleplay where each season groups of Dimensional jumpers will be crash landed or visiting multiple planets (new ones each season), you can even role play as the citizens of each planet as well.

Hope to see you there.
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