Thedas & Beyond

A Post-Trespasser Dragon Age PBP RPG

Thedas & Beyond is a play by post roleplaying game set just after the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition's "Trespasser" DLC.

We'll be developing previously underdeveloped canon locations within the game, as the narrative progresses and allowing players some creative freedom to create new, original locations such as villages, towns, and even small island nations.

Canon characters and original characters are both available for gameplay. Our list of available canon characters includes minor canons who may have been mentioned yet never seen (e.g. Cullen's family members, Josephine's family members, etc.).

The game is primarily freeform, narrative-based with some minor emphasis on skills during the character creation process. This is an RPG for those who enjoy collaborative writing experiences, most of all.

The New Divine

The year is 9:44 Dragon, and Cassandra Pentaghast sits upon the Sunburst Throne. Since the Inquisition disbanded, the new Divine has been occupied with restoring a semblance of order to Andrastian regions.

Thedas Rebuilds

Many regions, towns, and villages are rebuilding following the end of the Mage-Templar War. Truth be told, some of these areas were still recovering from the Fifth Blight of 9:30 Dragon when the war itself erupted later, in 9:40 Dragon—prompting any prior progress made in the effort to rebuild, in the last decade, to reset at zero.

Mac Tir Loyalists Rising

Though he won the support of many during the Landsmeet that ultimately decided who would sit on Ferelden's throne, not everyone in the nation supports King Alistair's claim to the crown. There are those who would still prefer the "Dowager Queen", Anora Theirin (née Mac Tir), as Ferelden's ruler. Some have even been bold enough to write to the King directly, all but demanding Anora's release from confinement. There have also been a few failed attempts at freeing her over the last thirteen years albeit those who had attempted these coups have already been captured or otherwise dealt with. In recent years, loyalists and royalists have had all the more reason to butt heads as the former have grown to become far more outspoken critics of Alistair's rule. The king and his chancellor, a former arl by the name Eamon Guerrin, have had and continue to navigate these murky waters in deciding when talk is simply talk or when it is talk with intention. The latter would, without question, be considered treason. Many blame Mac Tir loyalists for inciting unrest in both Gwaren and Oswin, regions historically tied to the Mac Tirs—regardless of the source of such discord, these seemingly small rebellions have yet to be permanently resolved by the Crown which many fear could mean the possibility of another full-scale civil war in the future.

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