Thedas & Beyond

A Post-Trespasser Dragon Age PBP RPG

World State:

"The year is 9:44 Dragon. The Inquisition has disbanded, leaving a power vacuum many would seek to exploit. The task of keeping the peace as well as reforming and rebuilding old institutions associated with the Orlesian Chantry falls to its new divine: Cassandra Pentaghast.

Some nations and its peoples, like the Tevinter Imperium and the Qunari, are currently at war with one another. Other nations, like Ferelden, are once again beleaguered with internal conflicts and rebellions. Even many of Thedas' long-standing factions, like the Grey Wardens, have fallen to disharmony from within its ranks.

Despite the varied states of upheaval within each nation, much of Thedas is still recovering from the Mage-Templar War. Both anti-mage and anti-templar sentiments remain in many parts of the world, to varying degrees, depending on how each populace had been affected by the brutal conflict. Magic-use, in general, has become exceedingly distrusted outside of the Imperium—although many are waiting to see what becomes of the new divine's reforms before making their opinions final. Most mages and templars who left the Circle of Magi and Templar Order, respectively, following the war have chosen to keep their prior affiliations with said factions a secret so as to begin life anew."

Forum Details:

We just re-launched and need players!

Thedas & Beyond is a play by post roleplaying game set just after the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition's "Trespasser" DLC.
We'll be developing previously underdeveloped canon locations within the game, as the narrative progresses, and allowing players some creative freedom to create new, original locations such as villages, towns, and even small island nations.

Canon characters and original characters are both available for gameplay. Our extensive list of available canon characters includes minor canons who may have been mentioned yet never seen (e.g. Cullen's family members, Josephine's family members, etc.).

The game is primarily freeform, narrative-based with some minor emphasis on skills during the character creation process. We do not use a dice system as this is an RPG for those who enjoy collaborative writing experiences, most of all.

We are a LGBTQ+ friendly community.

Game Rating:

323 (i.e. PG-13, as per ProBoards ToS.)

333 (some Discord channels have been made private for 18+ NSFW narratives)