The Shores of Elysium

An original medieval RP world with a touch of magic.

When a power-hungry empire set out to overtake a kingdom that dared to break free from The Order, a brutal war began.

It seemed near impossible to win and quickly began destroying everything they had worked so hard for. But once the surrounding islands caught wind of what was happening, they began to worry that their lands would be next to be attacked. They quickly formed an alliance and became an unstoppable, united force, claiming victory against The Order of Saelis. The once independent islands found that they would continue to benefit from the alliance, to which they became the Shores of Elysium.

But several threats still seem to linger in the shadows of each kingdom: political intrigue and corruption, deadly secrets, civil wars, religious disputes, fierce and dark forces. Is the war really over?

The Shores of Elysium is a story of the islands and their individual citizens as they attempt to survive through the hardships of the world.

A low-fantasy RP group, loosely based on the European world of the medieval period.

Elysium has a supportive and caring community with MCS (multiple character syndrome), and a wonderful group of creative-minded and talented writers. We are welcoming to newcomers, and understand that real life always comes first. We focus on writing and plot, without character stats, point systems, or word count requirements. We have created a world to escape to and love to fill it with lots of characters to interact with, which is why we also do not have a character creation limit.

We have just recently made the switch over from ProBoards to Jcink!

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