The RPG Organization

a host of multiple games: Psionics past & present, deities with dragons & dragon riders; Captain Power, & Stargate meets Galactica

The RPG Organization - a host of multiple games: Psionics past & present, deities with dragons & dragon riders; Captain Power, & Stargate meets Galactica

What is The RPG Organization?

We are a forum based play-by-post RPG Group. Each forum section, called Arenas, offers a different venue to play in. The majority of our stories encompass player-created characters.

Our current selection of venue offerings are

Arena 1 Psionics Millennium

Evolving around The Consortium for Scientific Research is a world of kinetics: telepaths, telekinetics, and others with a wide range of abilities. There are those who strive, train and build technology to aid in easing the lives of Kinetics. There are those who seek to manipulate, control, and destroy these same Kinetics. Standing between them. And against the ISR - the International Socialist Regime is the CSR. Which side are you on? Arguably our most popular and favorite of the collection. This venue spans 2 sub-venues. One takes place in New York State and the other in Nevada.

Arena 2 Psionics The Beginnings

A decent story deserves to have its beginnings told. In 1676 Versailles France, Curran Bontecou sets the cornerstone for what becomes The Consortium. With his niece, her betrothed and a host of colorful characters, individuals called 'the gifted' converge on France. In the mix is a secret cluster of connivers who seek to expose and destroy the gifted. Can the Truth Seekers be trusted or are they the source of the chaos?

Arena 3 Eternal's Realm

Artemis, goddess of the hunt, has left Olympus to protect Atlantis. With their shared love and devotion of dragons and their kine, how could she not? After years of peace and the loss of the legendary dragon riders; the dark one has awoken and threatens everything Artemis holds dear. Without the aid and alliances of other deities, Artemis sends out the call for her dragons and their riders to return and defend Atlantis.

Arena 4 The Metal Wars

This game is based on Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. Set in the aftermath of the wars, the primary focus is on "what would you have done differently from the TV show?" We recommend watching the show before joining this venue

Arena 5 Star Gate Alpha

The Battlestar Galactica has emerged from hyperspace just beyond the orbit of Earth. A pair of F-302s moves in for a close inspection- reporting her conditions to control at Space Station Ganymede. Admiral Adama meets with General Jack O'Neill. The colonists want a home, Stargate Command and the IOA want their technology. Can they make this work in spite of the remaining System Lords and the Lucian Alliance?

AU! Cross-Venues

Let the chaos begin! And oh boy, we get into a lot of trouble here! This is the AU or as some of us like to call it 'the blender'. It's where you'll find stories of alternate universes. Yeah, that's a good phrase for it.

This is where we take our stories, toss them into a blender and hit puree. Sometimes, members will hijack their own characters from their respective venues whisk them away for who knows what…

One never knows what will come of things. There is one standard rule about this venue, Whatever happens here, stays here. Sure, sometimes we've been known to break this rule but we work it out.

In some cases, it was just to see what developed. Sometimes, it's because a few writers got bored. In either case- have no fear, the stories that take place in this venue have no bearing on the stories from the characters 'home venue'. So, sit back and enjoy the reading- and the laughter. We sure did. Not to mention the occasional WTF moment?

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