The order of the Black Rose

1920s Urban Fantasy Secret Society RP

Step into the intoxicating world of 1920s New York, where jazz and speakeasies reign supreme and danger lurks in every shadowy alley. Amidst the decadence, a secret society known as the Order of the Black Rose operates in the shadows, on a mysterious mission to bring about the conjunction of the four worlds and establish a new world order.

As a member of the Order, you'll be tasked with navigating the dangerous and unpredictable landscape of the city, constantly on guard against the prying eyes of the noir police and private investigators who roam the streets. But that's not all you need to worry about. The opposing faction, the Order of the Vera Crux holy order, is on a mission to rid the world of evil, and they view the members of the Black Rose with suspicion and disdain.

And if that wasn't enough, the supernatural beings hiding among humanity only add to the danger. Vampires, Fey, cursed humans, and evil spirits are all vying for power in this mystical world, and it's up to you to keep the Order's activities a secret. But be careful, for the speakeasies of the city are full of temptation and temptation can lead to deadly consequences.

In this immersive roleplay group, you'll have the chance to play as a member of the Order of the Black Rose and experience the excitement, danger, and intrigue of 1920s New York.
Will you join the Black Rose in their quest for power or stand against them in their dangerous game of manipulation and control?

This original group has reopened!!! We are self-hosted on our own website powered by Xenforo, where we are running multiple groups and stories. Members have access to the whole hub to play with friends made here on different adventures at the same time.
18+ only