The order of the Black Rose

Secret Society RP

The order of the Black Rose - Secret Society RP

Once upon a time, doorways existed between the Ten Realms, allowing the aether of the sun and abyss to flow in perfect balance. After a great calamity, the doorways closed, and worlds changed over thousands of years of disarray. Upon the great eclipse a shared vision of seers in all the realms shared simultaneously the sight of a prophecy that would bring balance back to the realms. A secret Society was thus born to see this to fruition, the Order of the Black Rose. However, like all things that degrade in time, the purpose was lost through corruption. The prophecy is beginning, and now the Order must remember what they were for and make the choices that could change the ten realms forever.


We are an 18+, 3-3-3, Modern to Multi genre roleplay group based around life inside of a supernatural-magic based secret society. While people may explore their own stories in the world; We have an overarching canon story that explores the fruition of a prophecy that has existed for thousands of years on uniting the Ten Realms and bringing balance to the light and dark essence of the universe. However, the prophecy has long been forgotten and ignored; in the grim dark city of New York people must work with blood, violence sexual scandal, betrayals, turf wars, blackmail and factions rifts. With wild doorways opening and beasts out in the city to be hunted, there is never a dull moment. But preservation of the veil to prevent the modern world from knowing the secrets behind closed doors is a top priority… what will happen? Only those in the world decide. You can play in the order or play outside the order. Supernatural characters or normal humans. You can climb to the top rank or fall to the bottom; conflict is always abound.


  • Dedicated to advanced literate RPers- Our community is founded by RPers who have been writing stories for many years. We enjoy 2-8+ paragraphs of substance with detailed reactions to interactions & environment and characters with great effort & depth. While we will always remain inclusive with no solid rule requirements on posts lengths or quality, we have & always will cater to advanced RPers.
  • We vet all characters to ensure they fit the community & protect our RPers.
  • We use Jcink forums.
  • 4 Discord Rapid-fire Discord channels.
  • We do NOT have a character cap
  • +18 Only; Adult content (Gore/violent/Erp) is allowed and not censored; while we allow Erp it is not a heavy focus. RPers who are minors are strictly not allowed. We follow US Law.
  • Strict magic system and fantasy species to prevent lore clashes and OP designs
  • 8 playable realms that will unlock through RP that provide different genres.
  • You can RP in the world &/or be part of canon story that is always #optional.

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