The order of the Black Rose

Urban Fantasy Secret Society RP

The order of the Black Rose - Urban Fantasy Secret Society RP

Original Urban Fantasy Roleplay focused on an esoteric Secret Society akin to the Illuminati. 18+ premium Jcink board 3/3/3 Community focused dark, occult elements with a balanced system of magic, locked selectable species and optional factions to join (or make your own). Our AU is special, homebrew original and based on traditional folklores with an emphasis on “low” magic and interpersonal relations. Characters are free to embark on their own personal stories or play among canon in our dark, dangerous city of New York. They can play against the Secret Society, be within it, join it through roleplay or carve their own corner in the AU. We utilize Discord as our Out of Character companion and thus heavily recommend all players join our discord to learn more and join us.

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