The Oasis

There has never been something you couldn't create. For you are an Architect, a worldshaper.

"All your life there has never been something you could not create. For you are an Architect; a Worldshaper."

Hello, wayward Architect, and welcome to The OASIS! The truest "general roleplay" forum you have ever seen! There are general roleplays ranging from slice of life to fantasy as well as a whole open-world section complete with unique site lore and in-fiction. (Currently down for restructuring! Expected to open back up October 5th!) We also have regular events and contests and more!

We have monthly spotlights that are voted on by the community as well as unique in-site awards you can earn and a sort of "house competition" between our Four Orders. Create an account and choose between Solaris, Animus, Kronos and Vacuo on which Order you will earn Glory for!

Come join our growing community and create whatever your heart desires. Let your imagination come to life. Enter your Oasis.