The Oasis

There has never been something you couldn't create. For you are an Architect, a worldshaper.

The Oasis - There has never been something you couldn't create. For you are an Architect, a worldshaper.

There has never been something you could not create. For you are an Architect, a worldshaper. To you, the totality of the multiverse is available to mold. Choose your Order, Earn your Honor, Write for Glory. Unleash your imagination and enter The Oasis.


(The OASIS is a collaborative writing/roleplay sanctuary where you can connect with other writers -- known here as 'Architects' -- to craft your own Worlds, characters, events and stories. We have boards that suit every type of forum writer, from free-verse roleplaying to In-Character boards to prompts to challenges and contests and more! Choose your Order [our version of Houses or Clans] and fight for Honor, Glory and Valor [achievements and in-system money unlocked by writing] to prove which Order reigns supreme! The name of the game is creativity, which means every story imaginable has a home here!)


Some refer to Him as 'The Universe'. Others, "The Maker". There are even those who believe His name to be 'God'. No one truly knows His real name, for it has never been uttered. No matter what one refers to Him as, however, there is one unilateral truth: He created the Multiverse and filled it with realities.

In the Beginning, there were only The Nine, fulfilling Their eternal role as The Eonic Guardians of The Core. The Omnificent Maker, however, grew bored. He wished to create, and so, He willed matter into existence. With these building blocks, The Nine crafted the Multiverse, but then The Maker looked upon it in His cosmic loneliness. He said to the other Archons, "Let Us make living creatures out of the mud, so the mud can marvel at what We have created." And so He did. Every living creature that breathes could now look on in awe at the beauty of the stars that blanketed the cosmos. Mud as creature could see, could observe, could speak. The Maker leaned closer as the new denizens of the speckled void looked around and spoke. "What is the purpose of all this?" asked the creature.

"Must everything have purpose?" The Maker replied.

"It must," said the creature.

"Then, I shall allow you to mould the cosmos to your whim." Though, They said no. The Archons denied The Maker's love, for They feared what would become of Their creation, Their Multiverse.

"Not them," They spoke to Him. "For they are barbaric. They would destroy all that We have created. For what is made of mud will amount to nothing more than loam." Instead, He looked back down upon Their creatures. His galactic soul felt anguish, which turned to loathing. This lead to a calamity of desires among The Nine, followed by a war transcending the totality of existence.

The Maker, assisted by The Dreamer and The Wanderer, made a reality where instead of The Nine there were only The Three. From there, They could disperse their might in any way they could fathom without interference from the Others, who would become known as The Forgotten. From here, The Three made The Oasis.

He once more turned the mud into the creatures from before Their War, though, it was not enough. They truly were nothing more than the loam they were made from and destroyed more than they created. And so, He crafted beings perfectly in His image; not based on appearance or tendencies, but instead on His creative prowess and ability.

He had created the Angels of the Archons, creatures capable of unlimited creative power just as Him. He had created The Architects.

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