The Next Incantation

Post Potter, OC only, 18+, since 2003

The wizarding world has enjoyed an extended period of peace, an entire fifty years without threat, and the days of the Dark Lord are all but forgotten. Only a few memories remain in history books, or in the minds of those who lived through it. For the majority, though, Dark Wizards are a thing of the past and they live happily ignorant of such atrocities and so the wizarding world grows and flourishes.

Hogwarts is as magnificent as ever, with a whole new set of staff members and a brand new Headmistress, one of the youngest the school has ever seen with her own dark secrets. Many students have passed through these hallowed halls and gone on to great and wonderful things, including jobs as teachers, healers, or working in the ever busy Ministry of Magic, under the new Minister.

And so, the students and teachers of Hogwarts work on, heedless of the fact that darkness is once again brewing...and it's much closer to them than they had ever imagined.

Enter the Brotherhood of Shadows, a group of wizards who have discovered an ancient branch of magic, a magic that gives them a power so intoxicating that they're consumed by it. A magic so dark that it can barely be contained...

Where are you in all of this? Are you a student at Hogwarts, studying hard to gain a good job in the future? Working at the Ministry, oblivious to the dark changes to come? Or perhaps you are part of the new darkness, watching and waiting...

This is our story. Choose your side carefully.

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